Hi, everyone, how was your weekend? Mine was so much fun beginning with our fantastic party at Huff Harrington Home on Friday night! We had a great turnout and it was so fun to meet FTRB readers and catch up with some old friends. Thank you to everyone who came out, including all of these cute bloggers!

I also did a lot of little things around the house, including moving the low bookshelves (that used to be in my old studio) into my office. I’ve got more trips on the schedule this summer so I’m really trying to tackle that pesky to do list during the time I have at home.

You don’t see as many low shelves compared to full height ones but here are some examples I like.

The thing I like about the lower height is that it provides a whole other surface area to spread out, display and stack things.

I have a set of four so it takes up almost an entire wall like this which I’ll be using mostly for magazines, catalogs, samples and supplies.

And here’s an interesting space that uses both heights:

Pictures of mine to come once I get them presentable!

(Photos: 1.Residence 2.House Beautiful 3.Eric Z Tumblr 4.Design Sponge 5.via Pinterest as linked)




Love this idea – have been thinking about using this in my office space which is currently in transition. Thanks for sharing these!

Julie Khuu

This is exactly the move that I need to make before I do anymore design work! All the upper shelves should be used for displaying artwork and items, I need my books at a more practical level…totally agreed Ally! Fantastic tip!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Ingrid Weir

I love low bookshelves. I have that wonderful book on Richard Neutra- there were a lot in his houses. I just created my art wall above a low bookshelf!


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