It’s time for a progress report on the 2012 Decorating To Do List.  It’s clear by now that I don’t get around to the things on the list fast enough before I start making changes and creating whole other to do lists. It’s a vicious cycle but we keep trying. Here’s where we are today.

Get all the art lying around framed and hung.
I finally dropped off everything at the framers and they’ll be ready this week!

Finish* the family room.
Almost there. But things keep changing. Most recently, I brought in this bamboo table that I’ve been hoarding forever and it needs to be painted. So add that to the list.

I think I want to paint it cobalt blue. I couldn’t find any pictures of tables but I did find this bamboo chair in the color I want:

I also like red bamboo:

So decisions must be made.

I also decided I want a bunch of white pillows for the couch. I want some sort of white denim/cotton duck and saw that Ikea has these that look promising:

They’re Karlstad and Ektorp and the fabric looks about right:

I’m going to try to check them out tomorrow to see how they look in person.

So that’s the family room. Next…..

New rug for the family room?
I didn’t need one after all.

Make a decision on the settee in the living room!

A few other things got done elsewhere in the house:

Finish* master bath – find new shades for sconces, get new rug(s), find towel rack, hang art, add mirrors.

Reorganize closet – install rack for scarves and hooks for bags, organize jewelry, hang art.

Finish* guest room #1 -finish art wall, find better night stands.

Finish* guest room #2 – get blinds, hang art.

And here’s where nothing’s happened:

Finish* the master bedroom – finish hanging art, find light for entry.

Finish* office – hang art and organize.

Rearrange art studio and organize all art supplies.

Do something with the laundry room – possibly wallpaper.

Redo entry – reupholster Napoleon settee, find rug.


(Photos: 1.via Pinterest as linked 2.FROM THE RIGHT BANK)


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