Brass and Marble Coffee Table in the Living Room

I made it down to Scott’s for the first time in a long time last week and came home with a few good finds, including a brass and marble coffee table which I’m trying out in the living ┬ároom:

(Those pillows are just placeholders. I’ve got orange velvet ones on their way and am searching for something with an interesting pattern to go with them.)

I really love the legs of the table and the proportions are perfect for the room and the new settee. It took the place of the lucite one that was there two weeks ago:

But with the little marble side table, it may be a little too much marble so one of them may be going to another room. Or I may just put a fat vase on the little table to cover up all the marble. We’ll see.



  1. That table is awesome! Just the right patina on the brass.

    I too couldn’t help but notice your bookcases! Wow! I love that you use them for their purpose and not a resting place for a lot of chachkies.

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