So I had a huge “duh” moment when a reader (thanks, Sheila!) let me know that the mystery wallpaper in the Bosch/Ballard Model Home that I posted about last week is Billy Baldwin’s l’Arbre de Matisse by Quadrille. The pattern was inspired by that Matisse hanging above the sofa. Both Matisse and Billy Baldwin are only two of my idols so like I said: duh.

Anyway, no doubt you all saw it in Tory Burch’s apartment:

Here are some other shots of it:

These are the available colorways in regular and reverse. (That blue in Tory Burch’s home is a custom color. Of course.)

I’m completely obsessed. I must have this pattern in my life. Here’s one option:

But I need another chair like I need another hole in the head so somebody else buy these please! As for me, I’ll file it away and just obsess until the perfect project presents itself. Trust me, you are going to see l’Arbre de Matisse on FTRB again!

(Photos: 1,4,5. Quadrille 2,3.Elle)



Sheila Gustafson

So happy you followed up with this post. Isn’t there something kind of bewitching about this fabric? I mean, it’s “just” a tree…but it gets me every time and I am mesmerized by its simplicity, its organic nature, and the purity of rhythm created by the branches and the leaves. Wish I could afford some…it is definitely out of my budget but I hope you get yours someday.


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