Over the weekend, I visited Serenbe, a community about an hour from Atlanta where both the Bosch Net Zero Model Home designed by Ballard Designs and the HGTV Green House are located. Both homes are designed to showcase sustainability.

First, the Bosch/Ballard Home:

The styling was super. There were adorable vignettes in every room:

This wallpaper was fabulous (but couldn’t find out where it’s from):

There was a lot of ikat:

I loved this color palette in the office:

and this bedroom:

And like a good southern home, it had a really great, inviting porch:

Now to the HGTV House:

Overall it was much smaller and more modern than HGTV’s Dream Homes which is in keeping with the spirit and style of the house.

I am so copying this coffee table idea!

This kids’ room was so much fun. Check out the little bucket on a pulley to take things up to the play loft.

I also really love this simple light fixture:

The house also had several outdoor spaces:

including this one for a pooch:

How cute is that?

It was a really fun day and I highly recommend a visit if you’re in the area. The HGTV house is open for another week. (Be sure to buy your tickets in advance especially if you go on the weekend.)




a perfect gray

some great ideas to take away, you had me at the black and white paper lanterns suspended from a branch. Then the clear acrylic cubes for coffee tables. good stuff. donna

Sheila Gustafson

That fabulous wallpaper is a Billy Baldwin classic — called something like Arbor or Arbre de Matisse…I believe Tory Burch used it in her apartment in the deep blue colorway, reversed. This brown colorway you show is also a reverse, I think. Anyway there are articles on the web about it so just google it and you will be able to find it in several colorways.


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