On the Hunt: Blue and White Striped Rug

My family room continues to be a real stumper. I just can’t seem to get it to feel quite right. My most recent conclusion is that the solution to all my problems is going to be a blue and white striped rug.

To recap, there is a gray sisal in there right now:

FROM THE RIGHT BANK | www.fromtherightbank.com

I love the rug but I’m just not feeling it with the neon coffee table.

Before that I had the neutral sisal in there which I also didn’t like with the table and before that the black and white striped Ikea rug. That rug would be perfect if it were blue! I just don’t want black with the pink.

So I started looking for blue and white striped rugs and was surprised to find so little choice. To be specific, I want navy and not another shade of blue, at least 6′x9′, horizontal stripes and the stripes can’t be too wide. The only one I’ve been able to find that meets all of these criteria is this one from¬†Dash and Albert:

FROM THE RIGHT BANK | www.fromtherightbank.com

I think this will work but I just can’t believe this is the only one out there. Am I missing something?

The other option is to leave the rug and paint the coffee table. But I think that would be a shame plus that would require choosing a color. We all know that’s a whole other can of worms!

Your thoughts or other rug suggestions?


  1. Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home

    Ally – I totally feel ya on this one. A navy and white rug is killer. I like the D& A one, but isnt there a navy/white one like the Ikea Blk/Wht one out there? Who makes it I wonder (MW?).

    Anywho – what about putting the sisal back and layering the navy/white D&A rug over it?


  2. Laura

    My family room is my design dilemma right now, so I am feeling your pain.

    Try the Indian Dhurries site http://www.indiandhurries.com. The Surya Navy Westport Striped rug comes in 6×9, but has a sort of braided look you may not want. Madeline Weinrib has a wool flat weave (Blue & White Buche), but the stripes are offset and maybe not dark enough.

  3. Ashley

    So you beat me to it…I was going to suggest Dash & Albert. I have several of their rugs and have been really pleased. Plus, they are super easy to clean because they are cotton and not wool. Plus, the price is right so you don’t have to feel married to it if you decide to change up the look of the room in the future.

  4. Rachel

    Have you considered painting navy stripes on a white flat-weave rug? I’ve seen several over the past few years and they looked pretty good. Not sure how well it would hold up over the long-term, though.

  5. Bridget

    I purchased an 8×10 from Williams Sonoma Home – exact one you’re looking for- flat weave for $400 last spring. Not sure if they still have it. It’s in my dining room. check it out, they might still have it.


      That rug is gorgeous but I’m pretty sure I want straight stripes – which is a good thing because a Rug Company rug is way more than I want to spend on what the dogs spend most of their time on! I think this might be the first time where what I want is not the most expensive option! Ha! :D


      Thanks for your suggestions. I need the stripes to be white otherwise that one would be perfect. I had considered a zigzag too but decided it would be too busy with everything else in the room. Thanks though!

  6. Brooke

    Thank you for blogging about this. I am currently having the same dilemma. I need an 8×10/6×9 ish Navy and White rug for a nursery. Because it’s a nursery – I would like it to be durable and inexpensive. One of my favorites that I’ve seen is http://www.rugsusa.com/rugsusa/rugs/rugs-usa-blocks/navy/200HJHK08A-36056.html , however it is on back order and the site won’t even let me place the order to be sent when it is in stock.
    It has been great to see all of the suggestions.

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