On My Radar: Coral Rooms


It seems like every other room I’ve pinned lately has been coral or has a lot of coral in it.



I’ve always loved orange but didn’t start warming up to coral until some time last year and now it seems I can’t get enough of it.


I guess colors go in and out of favor with us like everything else.


For some reason I think my coral phase is a short one though. How do you feel about coral?


  1. Julie Khuu says:

    Love that coral porter! I have a pair that’s been sitting in storage waiting for the right upholstery inspiration…this is fabulous! I can see coral working year round…the perfect punch of color for spring, fresh and vibrant for fall…thanks for sharing Ally!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture.com

  2. Laura P says:

    I love the chair!! The couch, too and the room! So bright and yet relaxing. Coral year round, hmmmm. Not sure but love it now!

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