Kommune, Shanghai

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Over the weekend, we had a quick breakfast at a really cute cafe so I wanted to show it to you. It’s called Kommune and even though we just stumbled on it, it turns out that it’s something of an institution in Shanghai.

FROM THE RIGHT BANK | www.fromtherightbank.com

The food is basic Western cafe fare but the setting and presentation make it stand out. It’s located in a charming little courtyard in the heritage Tai Kang Lu District and is simply furnished with chunky wooden tables with umbrellas and vintage Tolix chairs and stools.

FROM THE RIGHT BANK | www.fromtherightbank.com

Coffee is served in thick glass jars (the extra large size comes in enamel mugs) and sugar comes in glass tubes which come with cutlery and napkins in printed burlap bags. This would be fun to do for picnics or outdoor tabletops, don’t you think?

FROM THE RIGHT BANK | www.fromtherightbank.com

Cute cafes are one of my favorite things so finding this place made my day.

(Photos: 1, 3,4. FROM THE RIGHT BANK 2.Life on Nanchang Lu)


  1. stephanie

    Glad you have found this charming little spot in Shanghai. Tianzifang (Taikang Lu) is very pretty in the morning just right before the crowd start pouring in or late in the evening when everyone’s gone home :-) . Hope you are enjoying and discovering cool places here in Shanghai!

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