Kartel, Shanghai

In a somewhat similar vein to the Waterhouse in yesterday’s post, Kartel (no website), a bar located in the former French Concession part of Shanghai, is another new venture that combines old architecture and modern design beautifully.

The original architecture of the building is visible in places where walls were left exposed but rather than feeling industrial, the atmosphere is more salon-like due to the plush European and Asian furniture and accessories.

So far my art and design tour of Shanghai has been really interesting. I’ll be continuing it over the weekend – in between consuming dumplings – and will have more to share with you next week. Have a good one, guys!

(Photos: Dariel Studio)


  1. Both interiors – Waterhouse and Kartel – are great! I love that mix of industrial elements and chick furniture and feeling that the combination provides! Have a good time!

  2. Wow! The past two posts have made me want to hop on a plane and join you for some dumplings!!! Looking forward to seeing more and I hope that you continue to have a fantastic time. Bisous,

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