Just so you know, if I were to come over to your house, the two things I’d be most interested in seeing are your bookshelves and any art walls/collection. They can (and should!) speak volumes about you and your personality.

The Berlin home of illustrator Christoph Niemann and Lisa Zeitz has not only one of the best bookshelves I’ve seen in a long time but a couple of great art walls too. Check it out:

The house also happens to have a pretty cool bathroom:

You can see the entire house at the Selby here.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you saw that I flew up to New York yesterday. I’m here for a mix of work and play so it’s going to be a busy (and fun!) weekend.  I’ll be posting more real time pics if you’d like to follow along. I hope you have a fun weekend too!

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I love a good curated bookcase and art wall too! Love this space, thanks for the inspiration. I am currently re-painting my bookcases to white and can’t wait to re-style them!

Heather in Arles

Did I ever think of art walls before I found your blog? Nope. But what is fun is that now that we have been in this apartment for nearly a year, we are still changing around what is up based on what works for us and our moods at the time!


Ally I completely agree with you. Most of my books are packed right now because of an impending move.

You have featured an amazing home!

Art by Karena


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