You know how when you go shopping for a specific thing you can never find it but as soon as you stop looking, you see exactly what you want everywhere? (They say that goes for finding your true love too and I think there’s some truth to that. But that’s entirely another discussion ….. )

Anyway, that’s the case with me and light fixtures. I had the hardest time finding the right lights when we moved into our house. I looked at so many! I eventually got what I needed so of course now I’m seeing lights I want everywhere and none more than the Tilda chandelier from Arteriors. To. Die.

But I have no space for this. The only way I would have room is if I got rid of something else. I can totally picture this in my dining room so hey, let me just throw this out there: if any of you have an interest in my Barbara Barry Bowmont Chandelier from Circa Lighting that’s in there now, shoot me an email. Here it is in my dining room in case you haven’t seen it:

You can get the full specs and see a larger photo here.





Ally I just adore Arteriors, all of the lighting, the mirrors, adore. The Tilda is amazing!

Art by Karena


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