Have you noticed neon popping up everywhere in interiors? Ever since I brought my neon pink coffee table home, neon has been catching my eye.


Source: purlbee.com via Jenny on Pinterest


And have you seen this home that’s been making the rounds in the blogosphere:

It has just a touch of neon here and there and I think that works really well.

All of this reminds me of the cover of Abigail Ahern’s book:

It’s more than three years old and still looks great.

So where do you stand on neon?

(Photos: 1,5,6.Elle Decoration Norway 2-4.as linked 7.via Design Sponge)




Ohhhhh I’m definitely thinking of adding more neon in my home. Seriously, it’s been on the edge of my mind for some time now, and this is just the perfect push. Love it!

Much Love,

Julie Khuu

lalllaaallLOVE neon! I’m a TOTAL 80’s baby so anything that loud and obnoxious (especially for the home) I”m right on board! LOVING the dark walls with a hit of color! A little goes such a long way!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture.com

Heather in Arles

When I see all of this neon the only thing that comes to mind is WHY didn’t I buy one of those neon leather Stephen Sprouse jackets that were on sale for only $125 (ok this was a looong time ago so that was pricey but still) when his Soho store was out of business? True, I did buy the sequin punk logo jacket which I wore tons but I always think of those jackets…sigh.


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