Almost exactly one year ago I wrote about how I was going through a big style change and I think I’m officially going through another one. More than ever, I can’t get enough of color and I want it everywhere!

A case in point is the settee that is still waiting to go to the upholsterer:

It’s currently in the master bedroom but I’m thinking of moving it to the living room and reupholstering it in lavender velvet. Talk about a change! Here are some lavender and purple sofas that I’ve posted over the past couple of years:

And here are a few more I’ve come across lately:


And of course there’s always the best lavender settee evuh:

(After two years, I still love that apartment!)

A lavender settee would look great with the orange chaise that’s in there already. But it’s a commitment. And I’m chicken. Talk me into (or out of) it?

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Ally you know I love lavender and your settee would be gorgeous in the velvet, maybe even some gilding on the wood. Go for it girl!!
Art by Karena

Sally Leonard

Absolutely!! LOVE the idea of lavender velvet! Pics please when it’s finished!


That purple chesterfield! Ahhh. I just wrote about a similar settee that I’m going to tackle. I’m like you – I’d love to do a killer, bright color but I’m chicken that I’ll change my mind (or more likely my color scheme) in a year and have to do it all over again. I know how you feel! I will say though, purple would look pretty outstanding.


Ally, I think you would love the settee recovered in lavendar but you could also try a slipcover if you are unsure. The tricky part is getting the right shade of purple in the light you have in the room. I particularly drool over the shade of orchid on a Swedish loveseat/settee in a gray/white toned room. Delicious!

Heather in Arles

This strikes me as one of those posts where you have already made up your mind and are just teasing us! Of course you should go for it! At the very least, when you are in your 90s you can giggle about your velvet lavender settee. We’ll probably be living in plastic white space capsules at that point, so it will seem very wacky to you! 😉


I 100% say do it. I use to have this old apartment right above Caffe Vita in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood & I had painted all the walls a very light shade of lavender. And I had this vintage tufted orange velvet sofa that looked so beautiful against the walls. They make a very handsome pair.


You lived above Caffe Vita?! I LOVE that place! Your old apartment sounds lovely. I’d love see photos if you have any. :)


Is this the same one you were thinking of doing in cobalt blue awhile back?

Either color is fine. I just love that you obsess about it.


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