I’m still not sure how I feel about Pinterest. I have started to be more active on it but not to the extent most users seem to be. And now there’s a whole brouhaha about all the legal implications of using it and frankly, it’s giving me a headache. But on the upside, you can come across things like this:


This is a new (to me) photo of Christine d’Ornano’s London townhouse which I’m sure you remember from Elle Decor:

It’s still one of my all-time favorites. All this reminded me that Elle Decor Espana also featured her home that included some different shots. (When I get obsessed about a house, I love seeing it from as many different angles as possible.) In case you missed it or just never tire of seeing her house like me, these are for you.

That blue chesterfield still kills me. And she has such a fantastic art collection.

Check out the upholstered door:

Love the tile here:

and here:

I totally want to try making a light fixture like this:

It looks easy, doesn’t it?

An office/bath/closet in one:

Definitely unique.

I think I’m as obsessed with this house as I was with Jenna Lyons’. (How many posts did I dedicate to that house?!)




Ally the art, the black & white floor, and that BLUE sofa…ahh!!

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Art by Karena


I’ve loved that wallpapered bedroom since it appeared across the blog world, not knowing its origin. The more I see of this house, the more I’m in awe of the owner’s innate style. This place is one in a million.

amy b.s.

i find pintrest, although i don’t use it a lot, to be quite usefull. the legal stuff however freaks me out and i’m still on the fence as to what to think about it…


I always saw the English people as neutral, but it’s not true. Look at all these colors, it looks it all came from a tropical country interior design magazine.
Beautiful post, thanks for sharing.


I love the color of those industrial lights over the table in the kitchen and the red electrical wire that matches the worn paint on the dining chairs.


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