Josef Frank Galore

For someone who loves Josef Frank’s patterns as much as I do, finding the new gallery of his patterns on Skona Hem was like Christmas! I had seen some of the rooms before before but the ones here are all new to me and may be for you too.

One of my favorite patterns is “Manhattan” which you see on this pillow:

and on this chair and pillows:

so when I was in London I treated myself to this tray:

and it’s now sitting pretty on my coffee table.

If you love Josef Frank as much as I do, you may enjoy this video, particularly from about 2:38-4:04 where it shows how his fabrics are printed.

It makes me love his textiles even more!

(Photos: 1-11.Skona Hem 12+video.Svenskt Tenn)


  1. Hulya Demir says:

    I am indulging this post. It calls for all my senses. I always had a place in my heart for any kind of craftsman ship and the video you added was just wonderful! Thank you Ally

  2. Ben says:

    The pictures are fantastic, thanks for letting me know about Josef Frank. And well done with finding a tray with the same pattern as that cushion, when you were in London! Where did you find it (I’m in London)?

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