There have been a whole bunch of little changes happening in the family room.

First, on Friday I went to do some painting with my friend Angela (from the Painted House) and she had this coffee table at her loft that wasn’t working in the space. You know how we bloggers like to trade and borrow things (it allows us to get new stuff without feeling too guilty!) so it came home with me to see how it might look in my family room:

I had been wanting something wider than the white coffee table we had in there to take up some more of the space. She found it at an antique mall and had it powder coated in hot pink which I just love. At night it can look a little too neon but in daylight, it looks pretty good. What do you all think? I think it’s so funky!

I also changed up this spot:

Yup, the Danish chairs finally got stained. They turned out a little darker than I had planned but I like them enough. The photos are my own which used to hang in the kitchen office and behind the chair is a lucite table which holds a mountain of magazines to read:

Remember how this spot used to look? The mirror has gone up to the master bedroom and the chest is now in the guest room. Those rooms are up next once I finish in here. We’re getting close, folks …..





I LOVE the table! Keep it! It has this bold graphic quality that complements the space really well. The pink pulls in the colors from the abstract painting above the fireplace, and the color pops against the bright airiness of the room.

Julie Khuu

Ally!!!! Omigosh she’s a beauty!!! Love to see that you’re trying on new trends for size! Goes to show NEON looks spectacular in any setting…so chic, so funky fresh, you’re right on the money with this one! lallalalLOVE!

Peace. Love. LOL!


Ice Beautiful

It looks like this pink base of the table goes so well with the puncturing graphic brushstrokes of your painting! Well done! Could you please share some more photos of your family room – with the table in different angles and perspectives? I am so curious and excited! The armchair looks great – I love this combination of navy blue upholstery and walnut-like dark wood!

Heather in Arles

Wait! Did I even know you have a pupper?! He/she looks so happy in the sun! More info please. :) The table is just insane with your painting and your photos! Love the way the chairs came out too. You make me feel sooo lazy with all of your tweaking.


Ugh, you and Angela are just the cutest blog friends. And how awesomely bold is that coffee table she passed along!? Insane.

Sweet Freak

Okay, I am going to try to channel my jealousy about your fabulous family room and do something fun and creative in my apartment – tout de suite!


I am jealous! That table is perfect! Looks amazing and I love the magazine reading spot. Your dog looks so cute and happy sunning himself. lol


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