Homes I Love: Black & White Simplicity

This house. Oh, this house. It makes me love my favorite color combination more than ever. I talk a good game about black and white but I just can’t stick to it without throwing in some other color. But these homeowners? They’re committed. And I’m so impressed.

It’s just so tranquil and all the little Moroccan accessories keep it from being too sterile. The black and white makes the perfect backdrop for just about anything so you could put any other color in there and it would work. But I’d leave well enough alone!

(Photos: Lantliv, January 2012)


  1. rym says:

    It is so peaceful and as you said the owners did not steer from the black/white combo!! I don’t think i could have done it even though it looks perfect!

  2. wow, they are committed. I love all the interesting pieces and stripes, really great stuff. I’m really drawn to the chandelier in the image behind the casual dining table… It looks almost feathery!

  3. Jordan says:

    I love black & white, but I find these images almost hard to look at weirdly enough. That first image however is stunning. The table cloth just brings the image to life.

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