Another Family Room Sneak Peek

If you’re following along on my 2012 Decorating To Do List, you know that finishing our family room is near the top of the list. It’s where we spend most of our time in the house and I think that’s why I’ve probably redecorated that room more than any other. I’m not done yet but here’s a little peek at what I’ve been doing in there:

Remember the Danish chairs I bought in the fall? They got nice new blue covers thanks to my mom. (You know how I’m loving blue these days.) Now I just need to do my part of the project which is to stain the wood a darker color. Notice how my part hasn’t been done yet and my mom’s part was finished ages ago!

And check this out, the same chair on 1stdibs for $1200:

This makes me feel better about what I spent on them! I also just spotted the same chair at the Tenbosch House Hotel in Brussels:

That’s exactly the color of wood I want for my chairs. The whole hotel has great design by the way.

As you can probably tell I wanted to bring some color into the room so I brought in this painting (which is a very old one of mine) and that became the jumping off point.

I’m also trying out the orange Pop chair (from the living room) in here right now but we’ll see how long it lasts. I’ll have some more peeks as I get closer to crossing this room off of my list!


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  1. Leah Moss says:

    your sneak peeks seriously make my day Ally. You are so talented! That painting is gorgeous too!

    Did you add the surround to the fireplace or was it like that? I love it and am thinking about doing something similar to mine. Is the raised hearth slate? Or painted?

  2. pam says:

    i agree with leah, your sneak peeks are fab, ally! i love them. along with your fireplace art, i really like the smaller artwork hanging behind the chair. thanks for letting us peek. pam

    • Ally says:

      Hi, Pam! That’s actually from a Seattle artist named Julia Hensley. She exhibits and teaches around town so you should check her out. She’s fantastic!

  3. LMF says:

    What a beautiful space. I love the built-ins in the background of the 2nd photo. You’ve styled it beautifully with the monotone accessories on the fireplace.

  4. The minute I saw the painting above the fireplace I loved it and wanted to know who the artist was. ;-) Happy to hear you are going to try to get back at it this year! Also loved seeing the little Julia Hensley piece. I discovered her through your blog and always love seeing her pop up!

  5. What on earth?! *shaking my head silently in wonder* Girly, what can’t you do? Holy cow that painting is just amazing. Sigh. I love your chairs and I bet the orange wonder is working wonders, non?

  6. Noelle says:

    It looks beautiful! I love your style–it’s always just the right mix. And you’re a talented artist to boot! Can you tell me what your area rug is? Is it a jute/chenille blend? I’m looking at some of those right now so am curious as to what you have, and if you like it. thanks! xo

  7. Chedva says:

    Ally, it looks wonderful! I love this sneak peek because it’s not only beautiful but also resonates with my rekindled love for Danish modern as of late. The lighting is also a favorite!

  8. I had studied art a little but still all paintings for me are divided into two categories: those, that fit the interior and those that don’t :) Your painting is perfect in combination with the chair and fireplace – it makes the living room so distinctive! Great job, Ally!

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