Hi, everyone, how was your Christmas? We had a busy but pretty mellow one with my family in town. I can’t remember the last time I did so much cooking. I enjoy cooking but only every now and then so I don’t need to see my kitchen again for a good while!

Here’s what the dining table looked like before we made a mess of it.

I went with a gold and white scheme this year. My mom did the flowers – aren’t they gorgeous? We used diffusers for the little bouquets and interspersed votives in different heights and white ceramic fruit. The block print tablecloth was part of my haul from my recent trip to India.

With Christmas now behind me, I’m doing a big closet purge today because I want to start the new year with a organized and streamlined closet. Well, as streamlined as much as a closet like mine can be anyway. Get ready, Goodwill, huge donation coming your way!




Heather in Arles

Absolutely gorgeous Ally!! But, the really important question is…what did you eat? :)

And I don’t know whether to say that you are brave or crazy for doing your closet today, but either way, bravo!


Dear Ally – what a beautiful table. I love that you incorporated a piece of India there too! :)

When Boxing Day comes we don’t say ‘Merry Christmas’ any more here in Sweden – instead we say ‘happy continuation’.. It feels appropriate as most often the celebration and festivities continue until New Years day when suddenly there is a pause for reflection before we all dive in to the new year ahead.

It’s been an eventful year, this one. I for one feel as if there are a lot of memories to process.. and that is what I will spend these last few days of the year doing. Sorting, compartmentalizing, and treasuring events and memories in my mind, diary and in my home.
I too will cull and organize the house as it is essential to start the new year afresh and prepared.

I wish you a wonderful ‘continuation’ of Christmas and a magical New Year!

xx Charlotta


Hi Aly,

If you decide you have items worth consigning after cleaning out your closet, contact me! You could make a little extra money for something new. :)

P.S. Happy New Year!



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