I’m feeling better enough to at least move around so yesterday, I started on the Christmas decorations. Here are a few shots of what I’ve done so far in the family room. Nothing major but enough to get a holiday vibe going. Really it doesn’t take much. Some pillows, string lights and a few sparkly bits …..

My mom put this cute bouquet together for the living room using cuttings from our yard:

That’s all that’s happening in the living room until we get the tree.

I’m leaving for a little adventure in 2 days so my goal is to 1) completely recover and 2) get the tree and rest of the the decorations done by then! It’s going to be close!



robin pulsifer

lovely & cheery decorations. i venture out into my yard, or down the street, often to cut natural branches, berries etc. for arrangements, they are so much more beautiful than store bought. hope you are feeling better too 😉


loving loving. and the white lights framing the unadorned window is maybe my favorite for its purity and clean clean energy.

feel better soon.

sending sunny healing rays your way.


Heather in Arles

Girly, you are being ambitious! If you have a late tree this year, it’s no biggie. Truly! Here we are forced to wait until the tree dude comes down from the mountains with his sapins de noel and it is kind of nice. Makes you appreciate it all the more while you have it.

Please rest up! I am not at all convinced that you are better and wish it were otherwise. Bisous.


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