I love sheepskin as rugs and seat cushions in the colder months and have had some of those Ikea ones that everyone has for a few years now. Ever since last winter though, I’ve been dying for some of these gorgeous gray Gotland pelts.

As luck would have it, Monika is carrying these in her shop, Splendid Willow Avenue ($340 each). Here’s what she has to say about them:

Considered by many to be the most desirable sheep skins, are the smooth silky, gray curly and gorgeous skins from the old viking sheep on Gotland (a small, Swedish viking island in the Baltic sea). Gotland pelts are world-renowned for their superior quality. They are strong, durable and very high luster with an array of rich gray shades.

I’m going to place an order as soon as I decide on how many. I would love six for the chairs in my kitchen like in the first photo but that seems extravagant since we only use two of the chairs most of the time. So I may opt for just a couple for the couch in the family room.

It seems they are also on Ikea’s radar. When I was there last week, I spotted a gray version of their popular Ludde sheepskin ($39):

Keep in mind these are not Gotland pelts and you definitely get what you pay for but if the real thing isn’t in your budget, it’s not a bad alternative.

So what do you think? How would you use these pelts in your home?

(Photos: 1-3.Skona Hem 4.via Niceroom.tumblr 5-6.Splendid Willow Avenue 7.Ikea)

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I love the addition of the pelts to the dining chairs. We have Eiffel chairs in our dining area and I’m constantly trying to think of a way to warm ’em up for winter. This may be just the thing! Thanks for sharing.

Heather in Arles

Is it being overyly simplistic to suggest going with the Ikea’s for the dining chairs (or maybe the four that you don’t use very often) and the good ones for you? 😉


Splendid Willow

Good morning, Ally! Aren’t they gorgous! And they are very durable. I actually have Ikea pelts too. Can’t be compared. They are not silky or curly or durable. The only thing they have in common is the shape and that they are gray! But that is a good start! And do you know what, they work well when you have three messy kids. I put them were the kids are eating and I use the Gotland pelts in chairs we/they (!) don’t use daily! (Both pelts can be washed). In Sweden we use the Gotland pelts on car seats during the winter and many Moms use them as blankets in the strollers.

Thank you for including me in your gorgeous post!

Love to you, Mon


I grew up on Gotland and we had plenty of these lying on our floors. They really are super warm and sooo soft under bare feet. I still wear sheepskin mittens all winter long – there is nothing warmer (and you need all the warmth you can get in Massachusetts).


Heather and Monika: Oh, great minds definitely think alike! I was thinking mixing the high and low would be a good compromise, too. :)


admired splendid willow’s pelts since first spotting one in a photo of monika’s home. drawn to their warmth and the natural beauty they bring (and function). love the color i call monika’s gotland grey!!!!

i do have some lambskins i must pull from storage since it’s getting chilly!



I love the shades in which these rugs are available. Thank you for showing their images. I love woollen clothes as they keep you warm during the winters. I would certainly go with these rugs for a change.


They look really warm and soft. Over the sofas they look awesome, I love it, but here in Alicante it is not cold enough to use them that way. But may be on the floor…. Nice idea for my bedroom.


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