An Artist’s Stockholm Apartment

This post is for all my fellow gray-obsessed peeps. I saw this apartment in the New York Times this Sunday and couldn’t stop staring at this room:

All that gray on gray on gray ….. Dying.  And look at all those pelts I was just talking about. The rest of the apartment is gorgeous too.

And here’s another charming view of the city:

It reminds me of this Stockholm view that I still think about!

(Photos: New York Times)


  1. Charlotta says:

    Good lord this place makes me weak at the knees!.. and it’s not just a ‘Swedish thing’.. :)

    I love the quietness overall – a muted neutral palette mixed with space, air and light.. YUM!
    The kitchen had me kissing the screen – I simply adore that rustic table and fabulous chairs mixed with the strictness of the room.
    And yes, pelts.. can one ever get enough..!? I think not!

    Big hugs from.. Sweden! :)

    xx C

  2. LiveLikeYou says:

    That is insanely stunning!!! So Swedish and so hip all at once. The pelts are there for one reason….you’ll freeze your tail of if you don’t have them. Literally!! xx

  3. Whoa. I am so glad that I didn’t miss this because that is one insanely beautiful apartment! So very much to love. But I can’t imagine the wardrobe that I would have to get to go with it–vintage Yamamoto? Theysken’s Theory? Hmmmm….

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