Since the news broke about a month or so ago, I’ve tried really hard not to post about it. I held out as long as I could but I just can’t not do it. As many times as I’ve posted and talked about Jenna Lyons’ house, I just can’t let its sale go unacknowledged.  So let’s take one last look at my (and everybody else’s) favorite house. There are some previously unpublished photos here so it’ll be that much more fun.

How many time did I talk about this one room?

After all these years, I still think it’s perfect.

Those antlers are the only things I don’t care for in the entire house.

The famous kitchen. I never noticed those doors before.

I don’t know of two seats that got blogged more than these:

This photo still gets me:

I hadn’t seen this shot of the garden before:

Remember I was thinking about Tolix chairs for the garden?  This may just have persuaded me.

Who can forget the room that launched a thousand dark bedrooms?

And brass bathroom fixtures?

They apparently had a deck off of the master bedroom:

The most blogged about closet in the history of blogging:

Beckett’s famous striped-ceiling room now outfitted with a bed instead of a crib:

A previously unseen bathroom:

Every single light fixture in this house is one I would buy for my own house. This is the only house I’ve ever come across where that was the case.

In case you were wondering what was on the bottom level of the house (like I was), here’s your answer:

a media room.

Maybe it’s because of the circumstances but it makes me sad to see this house on the market. But I’m sure it will make some new family very happy. And if you’re in the market for a $3.75M house in Brooklyn (isn’t everyone?), the listing is here.




This house is absolutely stunning – I agree with you, it’s sad to see it in the market, but I’m sure it will make another family very happy.
Warm hugs to you.


Makes me sad too. I think it is such a wonderful space with so much personality. It seemed like a fun house for a family. Can only wish them well and hope another family has great times there.

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I didn’t see a fridge in the kitchen or in the rooms next to the kitchen. Surely there must be a fridge. Right?


Love this house!!! There isn’t much in there I don’t like. I’m with on the antlers. What a great house!!! Some family will be super happy soon.

francine gardner

This house has great bones, style and well lived. the outdoor space is fabulous. I lived with my family in a townhouse while in Georgetown.I loved the feeling of being in an urban environments and yet lead a family life with all the comforts of a house. Just came upon your blog via Vicky Archer, will read more and become a follower


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