Do you remember my series on Favorite Vacation House Styles a couple of months ago? If you do, you may also remember the Danish house that I was completely smitten with that I included in the series. Well, I was delighted (yes, I said delighted!) to come across photos of the same house all decked out for Christmas.

SO. CUTE! I just love this house and I love Christmas so these photos made my day. Between this and yesterday’s post, I’ve probably totally stressed you out about Christmas. Sorry about that but I can’t help it – it’s my favorite holiday and the only one I really get into.

Speaking of yesterday’s post, thanks so much to all of you who voted/left comments! You are the best readers ever. If you haven’t had a chance yet, I’d be grateful if you’d head over to my Houzz Ideabook and leave a comment/vote. It can be short and sweet and you can win a $250 gift certificate to any online retailer of your choice just by leaving a comment. How nice would that be right about now?

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody. I’ll be blogging from Blackberry Farm next week so please join me then for a little country escape!

(Photos: 1-9.Lantliv 10.FTRB 11.Blackberry Farm)



Heather in Arles

Oh, I loved this house too! Let’s buy it! :) I have to say that is one scrappy, Charlie Brown lookin’ Christmas tree though.

I have an email coming your way today but am wishing you already an awesome trip!! I know it will be!

deborah Milne

Hard to not want to live like a Scandinavian. They truly live with great natural light & if there’s no abundance of it, they create it. I definitely commented for your Houzz post, glad to do so. Ally have a terrific weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Christmas is just around the bend..whoo hoo!!!

Traveling Mama

Oh, this makes me so, so happy! This is one of the many reasons why I love living in Denmark so much. Danes have such a natural ease with design! Have a great weekend!

Sweet Freak

I agree: love the sloping white ceilings and bare floors; the light and minimalism are so dreamy. This makes me want to go to Denmark to celebrate the holidays!


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