If you’re working on any art walls in your homes, here’s another idea for you: a wall by theme. How awesome is this wall of paint-by-numbers?! So kitschy and fun!

Here’s a cute one using all maps:

What an impressive wall of portraits:

If you’re into vintage floral paintings, there are a lot of them around so it would be easy to do something like this:

This is a nice collection of portraits (and just an all around lovely room):

And remember this one from good old Domino:

You could do the same with any topic that interests you. I guess this is sort of what I have going on in my kitchen office which has a travel theme:

This space looks a little different now than it did here. I guess it’s time for another update on that too!

So what do you think? Any other ideas for an art wall theme?

(Photos: 1-2.Country Living 3.Skona Hem 4.Better Homes & Gardens 5.via Decorati 6.Domino 7.FROM THE RIGHT BANK)




Hi Ally,

Great ideas, also seascapes, family photos and botanicals! ( I may have missed those featured on a post)

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Art by Karena

victoria | vmac+cheese

Let’s talk about how much I love your art walls posts. They’re seriously my fave. I could stare at gallery wall pics forever!! This one is great too — love the idea of the theme!


I’m always so envious of people who can do these beautiful art walls. It seems like such a complicated project and I feel hopeless if I were to repeat it. I’ll just have to hire a designer or someone to help me with it when I finally get the courage to try it.


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