So we’ve traveled all around the world for my Favorite Vacation House Styles series but for the seventh and final style, we are sticking closer to home. I would call this one American Farmhouse and this house is one of the prettiest examples I’ve come across:

Love the fabulous floor to ceiling shelves, ladder and wide plank floors:

staircase painted red:

the pretty, soft color palette:

and all of the wood throughout the house in the architecture and furniture.

This house is extremely well-designed but still very relaxed, as a farmhouse should be.

This style is very country but one of attractions of a vacation house is to have the contrast to my everyday. So there you have it – my top seven Favorite Vacation House Styles. I hope you enjoyed the series! I have many others (I told you I’m obsessed!) so look for it to run again in the future.

I’m now back from Tokyo so we’ll shift out of vacation mode tomorrow and get back to decorating!

(Photos: Country Living)





This is such a comfortable and warming style. I think perfect for a fall or winter vacation getaway!

Welcome back home Ally!


Art by Karena

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I’m so partial to the good ol’ traditional American farmhouse and like you said toward the end, it’s vacation so you can deviate from the usual design preference (B/c I couldn’t stay in the farmhouse setting too long). I love that workspace photo. And welcome back!

Heather in Arles

Oh my, I think that this was my favorite! But it could just be that I am already dreaming of winter! I know, just shoot me but it is true.

I hope that you had a fantastic, amazing trip and I am looking forward to the posts to come!

Good luck with the decalage horaire–it must be a doozy!


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