Favorite Vacation House Style #5: Greek Islands

My fifth Favorite Vacation House Style comes from the Greek islands.

I’ve been smitten with these historic whitewashed stone houses ever since my visit to Santorini which by the way, could very well be the most picturesque place on earth.

I’m not sure which island this house is on but I’ll take it regardless!

How sweet is this little outdoor space?

Five Favorite Vacation House Styles down, two more to go!

(Photos: Marie Claire Maison)


  1. Sophia says:

    Hi! Another great post! I believe too, that Santorini is one of the most wonderful places on earth. Thanks to my work(I’m a photographer), I had the chance to live and photograph a house that seems to capture the grandeur and charm of this magical place. If you like, you can read about it in my lil’ online place!:)

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