Big Reveal: The Dining Room


Are you ready for the reveal of the dining room? You’ve seen bits and pieces so I thought it was time to finally show you the whole thing. Here we go …..


One of the reasons I fell in love with this house was this room for its ceiling, arched entry and the rest of the millwork. The whole room is more traditional than what I normally do but it suits the house and its function as the formal dining room.

A quick recap of things I posted earlier: the furniture came from my parents (except for the two white Louis chairs which I brought over with me from Paris); I decided on this Barbara Barry chandelier after a very long search;  and I painted the sideboard which was my first Annie Sloan chalk paint project. The walls are painted Benjamin Moore “Bunny Gray” and looks a little more gray in person.


The photography is from various galleries, auctions and artist’s studios. If you’ve been following FTRB for a while, you may recognize the photography wall is exactly the same as it was in the dining room of our old house. I guess when something works, it just works. (If you haven’t seen the old dining room, there’s a photo of it on Design Sponge.)


On the sideboard: I found the lamp at Home Goods which made me ask where has Home Goods been all my life?  I. LOVE. IT.  So much so that I got a different version of it for another room in the house. The ceramic leaf dish was a recent find at Peridot, a local gift/home store (no website). The white candlesticks are Ikea and the brass ones are from thrift stores. (It seems like every thrift/junk store is filled with them so if ever need a brass candlestick, that’s the place to go.)


Another feature of this room that I love are the french doors leading out to the veranda – perfect for having drinks before (or after) dinner. The oil painting was an engagement gift from relatives and is one of my favorite possessions.

I have some more art to hang and I also need to finalize the upholstery on the chairs. The blue gray linen that you see in the first photo is my current pick but I’m not 100%. (What’s new?) So don’t look too closely at the photo – the fabric is only loosely placed on the seats!

More photos to come once I get the rest of the things finished …..




  1. Karena says:

    Ally I adore your dining room!!

    The sideboard is gorgeous (what color of ASCP did you use? ) The chandelier , perfect and I love the painted chairs with your beautiful table! French doors are always lovely


    Art by Karena

  2. Chedva says:

    What a great room, Ally! I love the paint color you chose, as well as the brass/gold touches in the chandelier and the candlesticks. The fabric on the chairs looks great and ads some depth- go for it! Oh, and the ceiling and french doors are dreamy.

  3. can we please talk about how absolutely stunning your dining room space is? seriously my friend, i love every inch of it. and that chandelier is classic with a modern twist, it’s really just fabulous. i love the brass, the warm whites and gold, all surrounded by that velvety grey. i would stay in this room and never come out ;) great job!

  4. pam says:

    ally, it’s gorgeous! i love the grouping of candlesticks. i have yet to be to a home goods. there is none in washington state…. but now that i’m in dallas, it’s in my list! have a great week. pam

  5. Ally!!!! So wonderful, so chic and so not cookie-cutter style! I LOVE it – and you know it!

    The chandelier could not be any more perfect. Your art wall is brilliant, the cluster of candlesticks lovely (and very Swedish) and your beautiful French chairs and dining table bring old memories to the room.

    Very, very nice my friend.

    ox, Mon

    P.S When we lived in LA, HomeGoods was my hang-out. It is beyond me that they don’t have a store or two in WA. I miss that store so.

  6. great space, ally. I can see how you love the details of the house. love your coloring – so light and airy and with the art and a few modern pieces, you have made the traditional aspects so fresh. yep. a few well chosen pieces from home goods rock. I have gotten so many great things there! donna

  7. Great mix Ally! The balance of wood vs painted pieces is really nice (I think the art frames really make that happen) and the touches of brass really pull everything together. Love the Barbara Barry fixture. I know you struggled for a long time on that. It all really looks great.

  8. Lesley says:

    Beautifully classic yet modern. Lovely! I adore that lamp and the candlestick arrangement.
    Who is the artist of the landscape painting? The work looks familiar.

  9. Ashley says:

    Ally, what a spectacular, understated dining room you have. The bones of the space are fabulous to begin with, but you’ve added pieces that complement rather than compete.

    Inspiring, as always!

  10. Oh Ally, I am so psyched for you! And for me too–why? Because I have now officially been following FTRB to really LOVE this reveal in knowing all that you went through to get here. It is one fabulous room and I raise my glass of Bordeaux to you!

    PS. I LOVE the fabric for the chairs. Peace and simplicity in a dining room is so key for me–hello? It is all about the good time and the good food, no need to be distracted by wackiness. You so got that!

    • What in the world? I was already grooving to “Sophisticated Lady” in my head that I wrote my name as PAINTED LADY!!!! You do know what a painted lady is, don’t you? I am ashamed and will just add to my list of embarrassments this week–including, texting “hey hot stuff” to Chris when I thought I was texting Clayton. DIE!

  11. Holly says:

    Those arched doorways and french doors are so pretty – I would love to have a home with those features someday. I also love the lamp and that you mixed the Ikea candlesticks with the thrifted brass ones – great job – enjoy it!

  12. Sophia says:

    I missed this reveal but now that I’ve seen it, I need to point out what an excellent job you did! I love the color combination, the furniture(oh mg! the sideboard is delicious) and pretty much everything you did!

  13. Tokyo Jinja says:

    Ally, I was even more behind on my blog reading than I thought – missed this entirely! I just adore the dining room – it is pitch perfect. And now I am trying to remember if my living room/dining room is painted Pelican Grey or Bunny Grey….we hemmed and hawed about it for ages! It always looks bluer in photos than it is!

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