Remember these chairs? Yup, they’re still waiting to be reupholstered. I finally decided to put them in the dining room and I wanted to lighten things up in there so I had been thinking white faux ostrich leather.

But sometimes a funny thing happens when you take forever to start on these projects.

They actually start to look good in their current state. For example, I just love these brass chairs with black suede/velvet upholstery.

Also, the black actually looks really good with the chairs in the dining room because of the black stripe in them:

(I’m mixing the chairs around a dark wooden table.)

The other color I’m considering is a rust like this:

The color scheme of the dining room would then be something like this:

The walls are a similar color. These are also the colors I’m using in the living room. (In case you didn’t know, this house is Billy Joel’s ex-wife Katie Lee Joel’s West Village Townhouse that recently sold for $11.65 million. You can read all about that here. Say what you will about her but the house is gorgeous!)

So what do you all think? Black or rust? (Even if I leave them black, I will reupholster them since the fabric is partially faded.)

(Photos: 1&4.FTRB 2.1st Dibs 3.Showplace 5.Decorpad 6.Curbed)



chrsitine {bijouandboheme}

I can’t even focus because I love love those chairs soooooo much- exactly what I am looking for. I will tell you that I’ve seen chairs very similar to the second ones in rusty brown and they look fabulous- however, I also love the black. Since the black is already on there and in good shape, why don’t you live it for a while and see if you really love it or not- you can always change it down the road.


Christine, if you are anywhere near Cincinnati you can have mine! I have four (two arm chairs like above, and two side chairs with no arms) that are patiently waiting for Ally to figure out what to do, so I can copy her.

I think solid black in something highly textured would be gorgeous, btw.


Embarrasingly long (almost 2 years!) The existing upholstery is in good shape, but ugly, so we just drag them out when we need extra chairs. A shame because I do love the shape!

callie grayson

Those chairs were such a wonderful find!!
I say use a luscious mohair (try Donghia they have a ton of beautiful fabrics right now)
I do love the faded black so a dark inky blue, but you threw me with that gorgeous rust!
So, I say Rust!


I was sold on the black until you showed me the gorgeous living room of Katie Lee Joel’s -loving the rust. Can’t wait to see what you choose!!


before i even got to the computer to finish reading your blog post (i could see the preview on FB), i thought to myself “I would do them in orange like bily joel’s ex-wife’s house”!!

so there you have it!


Kate @ Travelmoon

Those chairs are so great! Katie Lee Joel’s townhouse may be one of my favorite interiors ever! I frequently return to my bookmarked images and just stare!


Love what Nate Berkus did for Katie Lee Joel, so I guess I’d have to go with the rust/gold combo. But let’s not kid ourselves, either option would be fabulous in your space.


OMG. I do love those chairs. Awesome arm rests, too!! Wow. I’d totally leave them the way they are and design everything else around them. I need some good finds like that.

Janell Beals

Ha, I’ve had this happen before. Then you begin to wonder…why bother!! I love the idea of rust on these chairs. They will look wonderful either way! Janell

Sarah @ Maison Boheme

I’m going with rust. I love the golden brown hues right now – they never go out of style for me. The black is, of course, gorgeous. Its also the safer choice. But rust would be daring and lush and really sophisticated.

Mustang Sally

I vote for black, but it’s because rust is one my least favorite colors. But a black, highly textured fabric would be fab with the brass.

Julie @ Haute Khuuture

Since you’re reupholstering them I would go for something totally different! Place them in the space as is and see if that black is growing on you day by day or if you’re getting sick of it. Although gold and black combo’s totally my style, I think it might be a little too Regency for your space…non?

Btw, Haute Khuuture just celebrated the 1-year mark and I’m celebrating with a HUGE giveway! Would love to see you stop by when you get a chance!

Happy Tuesday hun!


Haute Khuuture Blog


You know, I love the black/brass combo. Here’s an over the top thought: regarding the chairs that have a stripe in them, would you consider reupholstering the brass ones in one of each shade? Could be fun/dramatic/quirky in a Kelly wearstler sort of way.

Play around with it! I look forward to seeing what your final decision is. Cheers!


I say go for the rusty colour – that’ll look pretty awesome.

Mind you I read your first paragraph that you’re thinking about white faux ostrich FEATHERS..!

Maybe that would be a bit too Elton John… :-)


I found a dark dining table with similar chairs, if you haven’t seen it, it might help in taking a decision maybe? here it is on ( I would to see the finished room :), xo


Tough decision. I would have so much trouble considering there are way too many options you could go with. I do agree though….the black and gold look great together!


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