Tips FROM THE RIGHT BANK: Favorite Home Decor Shops in Paris

One of the questions I get asked the most is: “Where should I go shopping in Paris?” Obviously there are thousands of places (there are entire books dedicated to this topic) so the answer really depends on what you’re looking for, your style, budget, location, etc., etc.

A while ago, I put together a list of antique and vintage clothing shops in response to a reader’s question. To supplement that list I’ve compiled all the home decor store recommendations I’ve made over the past year or so here. (These are the stores I’m visiting on this trip.)

The Collection
Boutique showcasing home decor items and furnishings created by European designers.
33, rue de Poitou, 3e

19 & 22, rue Saint Nicolas, 12e
Furniture, lighting, decorative objects, linens and textiles with a global flavor.

Sentou Galerie
29, rue François Miron, 4e
26, boulevard Raspail, 7e
Fun, contemporary furniture, housewares, and gifts representing a wide array of designers.

Cire Trudon
The world’s oldest -and arguably the best – candle maker established in 1643. Yes, 1643!
78 Rue de Seine, 6e

Khadi and Co.
37, rue Debelleyme, 3e
Clothing and home textiles made of hand spun traditional Indian cotton.

Tombées du Camion
Some call it junk, others call it found objects. Either way, this place has a lot of it.
17 rue Joseph de Maistre, 18e

Emery & Cie
Fabric, wallpaper, paint, rugs, tiles, hardware ….. to die for.
18, passage de la Main d’Or, 11e

Astier de Villatte
Exquisite ceramics beloved by all.
173, Saint Honoré, 1e

Marche Saint-Pierre
Mega fabric store.
2 rue Charles Nodier, 18e

20 comments on “Tips FROM THE RIGHT BANK: Favorite Home Decor Shops in Paris”

  1. Let’s go shopping NOW!

  2. mlle paradis says:

    love your list. i’ll definitely be keeping it close for my next trip. got some great wallpaper at the collection last summer!

  3. I bookmarked this post for the next time I find myself in Paris! I was always at a loss of where to shop when I was there.

  4. Libby says:

    I love The Collection…and look forward to exploring the others! Thanks Ally, I will print this out and save for my next trip.

  5. Ally says:

    Hey, everyone, I’m glad to hear the list will be put to good use!

  6. Tonia says:

    Such beautiful shops. I feel your pain on the $ exchange rate.

  7. I’m gonna use this list today–hopefully with you! (not going Friday) Love your pictures–have the time of your life!!!!

  8. So I never go to Paris but I enjoyed this post anyway…and I love the look of that store Caravane. Interesting.

  9. Nice selection of stores here in Paris. Welcome to Paris! You are lucky that the weather is wonderful today.

  10. sherry hart says:

    I know all of those places are good if they come from you 🙂

  11. paula says:

    How gorgeous! would love to make a trip.

  12. Next time I wil come with you – carrying your bags, if nothing else!

    I love Paris. And it is wonderful to have you scout out the best stores!

    I wonder if good old Colette is still around? I remember that as a fun shop.

    ox, Mon

  13. Muriel says:

    “Décor” is NOT France or even Europe’s greatest strength, unless we’re talking about the old styles that we’ve mostly completely abandoned in exchange for primitive shapes and plastic. And I’m saying this as a french.

  14. Haut Marais says:

    Cool – we love The Collection !

  15. casey says:

    I so hope to visit Paris someday, for the food, the architecture, the culture–and the shopping! I would love to follow your shopping tour!

  16. LLH Designs says:

    I’m saving this post for my next trip. I’m long overdue! I’d LOVE a whole set of dishes from Astier de Villatte!

    SO happy for you that you got to go to a place you love!


  17. mudroom bench says:

    I am a tourist here in Paris.You solved all my woes in one post.Thanks a lot.

  18. Trudy Sack says:

    Loved your shopping lists of London and Paris. Do you have similiar list for New York City? I’d love to see it. Thank you.

    1. Ally says:

      Hi, Trudy, I haven’t put one together for New York but I go there often so I will one of these days. Thanks for reading!

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