Hi there, I’m Christine from Bijou and Boheme and I am so excited to be here today talking about one of my favourite design trends.

When Ally asked me to participate, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to choose from my list of absolute favourites…those being (in no particular order) pink, gold and leopard. For those of you who know me, you might be surprised to find out that I didn’t choose to feature my love affair with pink… I just thought the umbrella was a little too huge to delve into. In the end, I chose leopard because it’s just quite simply the epitome of fabulous…according to this humble blogger anyway.

Perhaps my favourite thing about this trend is how it bypasses any self imposed borders between fashion and decor…it’s all one in the same when it comes to this vintage print.

Leopard has a chameleon quality that I adore.

It seems right at home in both modern…

and traditional settings.

It has a definite vintage appeal.

But also resides comfortably in the present.

In the end, when it comes to leopard, it’s all about the glamour.

{pictures via Fashionising/Mert Alas & Marcus Pigott photographer, The City Sage, MFMAB, Carolines Mode/Artur Wesolowski photographer, Inspired Decorating, The Decorista, The Zhush, Elements of Style, fffound, The Love List, Shelter, Doucette Duvall}

Thank you so much to Ally for having me- it was such a delight to be here!






Christine, great guest post. That dining room is one of my faves and Kate Moss looks so stunning here! Thanks for leading me to a new blog to follow! xo


Leopard – that best of all worlds :) Leopard is kind of like your favourite jeans – they fit perfectly, match everything and you wish you could wear them everyday. Such beautiful images, Christine. Ally – so glad I found your blog – you are so talented!


Wow…gorgeous images. While I adore leopard print, I can only wear it in muted tones and I don’t have a lick of it anywhere in my home. My grandmother was the queen of rocking leopard print zuit suits, as I called them. She was a very frail, hilarious and at times a bit too honest woman. I loved her, but I think when I see leopard all I can imagine is my extremely thin, cigarette smoking grandma in her booze mobile, not a chic young woman. Maybe it’s time for me to start honoring my grandma, she started the trend in her early 70’s, when it wasn’t so fashionable. So here’s to Christine and my grandma, I’m getting some leopard fabric for a stool in my guest room!


Great post Christine! You are so right about leopard being so versatile. I’m definitely incorporating it into a room soon!

Splendid Willow

Christine, so good seeing you here!

A little bit of leopard is a great way to add some unexpected chic to a room. I bought 3 (expensive – yikes!) leopard pillows some 13 years ago. I placed them in my old Swedish empire sofa (black upholstery) and together they make such a statement. Will never go out of style.

Love that dining room you are showing. And who would have thought that leopard and red would go so well together!

Warm hugs to you both.


Alcira Molina-Ali

Dearest Bijou,

Mama Nero loves you much and knows just how spectacularly you could pull off all manner of cat spots 😉
We, medear, are spotted sisters in crime.
Cheers, Alcira



Great post. How could you not love leopard? Loving all the leopard chairs. Christine you have such great taste! I drooled over every picture! xoxo


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