Hello, fellow FTRB fans. I’m Chedva from Belly’s Interiors with a Story, and I’m thrilled to fill-in for Ally while she’s away.

Ally asked me to come up with a design trend close to my heart, and while I’m not sure this is big enough to be considered a trend, i’d definitely like it to be; You see, with all the feminine and preppy interiors we’re seeing lately (which I love, by the way) I feel like some contradiction is needed. These anatomical or medical prints fill that void for me.

image from www.tagain.co.il
image from www.tagain.co.il
Appropriate in a medical clinic designed by Israeli interior design duo TaGa.

image from 3.bp.blogspot.com
Clustered elegantly above the entrance of designer and blogger Lauren Liess‘s home

(photo: Helen Norman)

This kind of prints can be found quite frequently on One Kings Lane for a few hundreds of dollars. You can find some on ebay (though the search may turn out scarier than the actual print). Here’s another source I found today- has anyone ordered from them? the price is approachable. For a little less, I found a treasure trove of vintage prints of the same nature in Alenbi street in Tel Aviv (not far from my home) and I’m sure there are many like these around the globe.

Or you could do what Lauren did, and buy a book like Leonardo’s Notebooks and use its pages.



renée finberg

i don’t know what is is….
i love the shade of that orange on the door.
i was going to paint my office at work that color….
it is supposed to encourage creativity.

great image

a perfect gray

chedva, I don’t know what it is about anatomical prints, but I like them too. I’m a big fan of the quirky or unusual thing in a home, an injection of real personality…and goodness knows, I have a several really quirky things in my house!



Although architectural prints are my all time favorites, I like any sort of print that has a graphic appeal and these definitely fir the bill. LOVE Lauren’s fabulous entry!!


Thank you, everyone!
Renee: agreed!
Donna: you’re so right, our quirks are what makes a house a home.
Quintessence: I think they add so much sophisticated detail to a room! Absolutely love.


Thanks so much for taking time to comment! I read every one and reply through my own comments.