Okay, I’ll try to make this long story as short as I can. Almost a year ago, I saw the Comet Pendant Light on Horchow:

I was in love but I was wondering whether it would give off enough light. I then saw on Janell’s blog that she had bought it so I emailed back and forth with her and decided it could work. But when I went to order it, it had disappeared from their site. I was bummed but then promptly forgot about it (ADD at work) and the search continued.

Fast forward to last week and Aimee from the Functional Space posted about chandeliers and she included the same one, only from a different source. I emailed her a bunch of questions which she was nice enough to answer and then just out of curiosity, I went back over the Horchow site and they have it again too.

Seeing this light again made me see the chandeliers I posted last week are going to be too heavy. The room definitely needs something airy and light so I did some more looking. Here are two others that are similar and could work:

Glow Lighting 16-Light Starburst.

LBL Lighting Confuzion 12-Light Chandelier. I think the arms are flexible so I could shape it into a prettier shape.

What do you all think of these? Oh, and as for my DIY pendant, as with 99% of my DIY projects, it went terribly, terribly wrong.

Exhibit A:

I told you all I don’t do DIY. (If you haven’t been following and are wondering what the hell this is, I was trying to make this pendant light.)

For what it’s worth I do know where it went wrong. I didn’t apply the Mod Podge evenly and I clearly didn’t put enough on certain spots even though I used the whole tub.  I could try to salvage it but I just don’t have that kind of patience.

So that’s it for me. I’m throwing in the towel once and for all.




Aww, sorry about the failed DIY Ally:-). However, i was just looking at this light on Horchow last night too! It’s beautiful! XX


Sorry about the DIY pendant, Ally. I’m yet to see one oc those that turned out as expected, in real life at least 😉
The Horchkw light is amazing, it reminds me of fairy dust.

sherry hart

Ally…that is SO freaking funny!!!!! Have you tried C Lighting on Buckhead Ave? They have a lot of Modern Lighting and maybe they have those so you could see in person????


You made me laugh this morning. Definitely not the look you were going for. I love that first option.

renée finberg

i have been looking for something like the comet for a while.
i have a client that we are looking for something for her breakfast table.
this is it.



I like these light fixtures even more then the other ones! Very cool. Sorry your DIY pendant failed. If it was me it would of also failed. Somethings I will NOT even attempt. LOL

Janell Beals

Well, that is one project even I haven’t attempted! Thanks for the shout out and you know what? Ghat comet pendant gives off so much light I haven’t even installed all the bulbs!

Good luck deciding! Janell

maureen lynne

that’s just great! I’m still laughing…thanks for sharing your little mishap…sorry it didn’t turn out, but wouldn’t you rather have that lovely little chandelier in the first image? I sure would…
have a great day, Ally…

Splendid Willow

Eh come on! You are giving up already!!!!? Give it another shot (without telling us). And then surprise us!

The first one in stunning! But is it large enough over a table? (That is were it is going, right?).

Warm hugs, Mon


In all fairness, that looked like an especially difficult DIY! I would not even have attempted! I love your comet light. Go for it!


I like the comet light, and the stardust too. Not too sure about the LBL chandelier…

Sorry about your DIY project! A friend of mine askied me to make a pendant for his house, and I’m dreading it…


Love a funky chandelier. And as for your light fixture, failure is way underrated. It looks like you were pretty close, no? I mean the stringy things look cool even if it didn’t set up quite enough. Bet if you did it again, it would work. Also, bet MOST DIYs take 2 goes…

Which brings us back to that ADD thing, like Sherry said, go down to C Lighting. It is cool (and I worked on that space as an intern, hehe).

Have a great day Ally!


Milk and Honey: That’s exactly what it looks like – like someone sat on it!

Chedva: Fairy dust is a great description. I think that’s why I like it so much. :)

sherry and Claire: Thanks for that tip. I’ll head there this week. :)

renee: Glad I could help!

Janell: That’s good to know! I think it’s the one.

Naomi: That’s exactly what I was going for. What a great find – that’s an amazing price.

maureen: You’re right – I would rather have the Comet. :)

Splendid Willow: If the measurements are right, it should be fine. The room is on the small side.

Gina: That was what sucked me into trying it…..

Aimee: You’re right. I think it was meant to be. :)

Carol@The Design Pages

Awwww, too bad Ally. You have definitely got me obsessing over that diy lamp so I might just have to give it a shot. If it’s a success I’ll name it after you for the inspiration:) I’ll keep you posted. Carol

Danika Herrick

Good for you for trying! I love the Horchow one and my initial reaction when I saw it was “Oh, I bet I can do that. Just get wire and glass beads and wrap up a pendant lamp.”
I know it can’t be that easy. I just LOVE how ethereal it is.

Amy from China Shepherdess

Aww, your sad deflated pendant. It is like the charlie brown christmas tree of lighting. It’s definitely no fun when DIYs don’t work out.

I really like the starburst chandelier you posted. It’s airy, but not at all twee. The bottom one is a bit cephalopod.

Here’s another diy option – totally different than the on you tried. It’s substantial, but very airy. It also seems easier to make. http://froufroufashionista.blogspot.com/2010/05/bubble-chandelier-diy.html It might be too crazy, but it sure is lovely to look at.


I would definitely go with the Horchow one if you can still get it. There is just something about it that is much prettier and delicate than the other two.


I can so relate to disastrous DIY projects–I so don’t understand why they never turn out like the models I am trying to re-create :) I admire anyone who can DIY projects like that.

I adore that chandelier that you love so maybe it’s all for the best!


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