The snow stopped days ago but the side streets and our driveway have remained a sheet of ice so I’ve been trapped in the house since Sunday. I have serious cabin fever. But on the upside, the house has never been cleaner!

Speaking of cabins – okay, that’s a stretch but – have you noticed all the gorgeous mountain cabins that have been popping up in all the magazines recently? My two favorites are this one from Skona Hem (of course)

and this one from Elle Decor:

What’s more romantic in winter than a mountain cabin?

Thankfully, temperatures are supposed to go up tomorrow so I can finally get out of the house …. along with everyone and their cousin in Atlanta. What will you be doing this weekend?

Thanks for all of your visits and comments this week! See you all Monday!




I’ve often dreamed of taking off to a cabin escape in a cosy, snowy climate. One day I must do it!

Have a lovely weekend, Ally!


That one from Elle Decor is one of my all time faves. I never get sick of looking at it. Have a great weekend!


rustic is the new modern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey would you want a large city house…or a mid size family home (perfectly decorated) and a rustic timber cabin in the woods (that had a ridonkulous commute)

i am starting to crave a cabin, despite the time driving to and from


im in atlanta too, and although my husband and i ventured out to the movies (and stayed for three) i have been home the whole week as well. i don’t get cabin fever. I like the excuse to stay in. I have gotten a lot done! I even found your blog earlier this week with all this time!!!!!
there are some great mountain cabins in N GA. we just rented one in Ellijay for NYE and it was fabulous. Not as chic as ELLE mag, but really really nice. there are some pics on my blog. $150, sleeps 10.
hope you survive the rest of the week. hopefully we can get out!

Celeste - The Rural Socialite

The second image is definitely my favorite. I like that the wood tones are so varied and sophisticated; not at all like one of those hokey Gatlinburg rentals!!
The one with the bathtub is also gorgeous. I wish I could take a dip this morning!

Living In Art

I could easily live like this. Set me in the woods, where there are hills and a stream, lake or a river, or on a mountain with stream nearby, waterfall, plenty of seeds for a garden, and I’d be happy. (And weekends in the city – ha!)


i’m been craving a rustic retreat myself ally. i loooove that kitchen!

i remember one january many years ago i returned to atlanta (when i lived there) from florida unaware that an icestorm had just hit atlanta. took me 6 hours to make it from the connector to 285! scary.

have a great weekend! we’re going to ballard this weekend. my work is in an artist coop there and i’ve yet to see it. pam

Lisa K

This weekend I will be joining you and 4,000,000+ metro Atlantans in finally touching the ground outside my home. I could do it today but there seem to be huge chunks of snow sliding off my roof and onto my lawn. I can wait one more day but that’s it! Hasn’t this just been the worst?

jonalynn @ turn up the rad

I’m still drooling over the M. Elle Design cabin. It made me want to move back to the Pacific Northwest!

Someone needs to send some snow to Phoenix because it’s hard to get motivated to clean when it’s 74 degrees outside. Glad the temps are warming up for you.

Milk and Honey Home

We have a friend staying with us this weekend from Dublin, Ireland. Oh, and his name is even Patrick and he’s a redhead. A colorful weekend, indeed, even if we aren’t going outside. I wish my home was clean. It is snowing toys inside.

Loved these, especially Skona Hem. Hang in there, Ally. The saying is, if you hate the weather in Georgia, no worries. It will change tomorrow (or something like that)


That Elle Decor feature is one of my all time favorites – that’s my kind of ski house. And if you are a quintessence fan you know that I have been having alpine lust – so this is right up my alley!!


As you know Ally…here in the PNW we need a dark cozy cabin hug every now and then and these will do perfectly! I particularly love the Skona Hem one…it’s like being inside a dark bar of chocolate, beautiful! And that Elle decore dining area is stunning…a fondue party there would be heaven!
Hope you thaw out soon…we’re having those crazy windstorms that come on like a freight train and knock power out, but at least it’s warm…53*! 😉
xo J~

abby jenkins

The pages from Elle Decor, depicting that glorious mountain home will remain top of my inspiration stack of tear sheets for so many reasons. The beams, the bookcases, everything, even the firewood! I am hoping to incorporate some elements found there during our kitchen renovation.

I’ll have to check out the other home, I am loving that mudroom.

Hoping our 1800s hunting lodge home will get this kind of coverage when we are done, couple magazines are interested!


Shannon: That is exactly what I asked myself when we lived in Seattle! We were hoping to find a mountain cabin but we ended up moving before we did. I hear there are nice ones around these parts too so who knows? 😉

vivicindy: I’ve seen some gorgeous mountain homes since we’ve been here. I’ll have to check out your rental . . .

Terry: LOL!

pam: That’s exactly why I didn’t venture out all week! Sounds like a fun weekend for you!

Lisa K: The absolute worst!!!

Jessica: We started looking for one when we were in Seattle. We left before we found one though!


Ally, my dear one, on the days that I have had off….my place has hardly been cleaned at all…

I did get to the store. and have blogged quite a bit! We have more snow to come in..need a good movie!

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Art by Karena


I can so relate re the cabin fever. I was recently “set free” since Mother Nature smiled on us with some nice weather:-). Fingers crossed for you too! Beautiful pics. XX

PJ @Home and Garden Decor

Rustic Cabin Style! I just love it.
Whenever we get a chance for a short vacation and travel within the US we always try to rent a cabin instead of staying in hotels or motels.

Oh my, you got me in a vacation mood.

Sarah Klassen

Oh Ally, that’s just crazy! I bet you cannot wait to get out—I love being cozy and at home, but not for more than a day, personally… but, thank you for sharing this gorgeous place with us! Beautifully designed and furnished—chic yet so comfortable. I really like the open library/dining area, as well as how lighting has been sparingly placed throughout… and of course, that signature blanket would be heaven, as well!

Hope you enjoy the remainder of the weekend :)

LLH Designs

I’ve been pretending its snowy here in Houston just so I have the excuse to stay home by the firre and read with a hot cup of tea nearby. Found a great French design book at Half Price books and have been enjoying that this weekend!

Have you gotten out yet?

Pretty Pink Tulips

Waking up today, I looked outside and was just amazed that all the snow was STILL THERE. When will Spring arrive?!! But if I had to be cooped up during winter I would want it to be at that amazing Idaho house that Elle Decor featured on their recent cover.

xo Elizabeth


Im SO dreaming of a winter escape, and LUCKY FOR ME!, I know bragging rights here, my friend Marie Turner owns that home (M Elle Design) in Sun Valley. I had the opportunity to stay there for 5 days last March and we are making it a tradition to go every year. Its as beautiful in person, and the decor reflects Marie and her mothers design sensibilities. The room they didnt show in Elle Decor, was the one my sweetie and I stayed in and I thought was the best! Esp with the view of the mountain and river the other rooms didnt get. Anyway, I loved this post and is making me anxious for our upcoming trip to Sun Valley!


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