I wanted to get some photos of my Christmas decorations for you today but well, it’s just been crazy busy around here. I’ll try again tomorrow but in the meantime, Cassandra posted this pink tree the other day and it made me think of this fun tree:

and this pink spread:

and this foyer with pink balloons and ornaments:

which looks a lot like this tree I posted last Christmas:

I still love this image like crazy. Don’t be surprised if I post it again next year!

So how about pink as a Christmas color?

(1&4.via Coco+Kelley 2.Country Living 3.Martha Stewart 5.via This is Glamorous)




Well, I love pink and all the photos you posted are beautiful!!! I could only have a small (pink) tree in my apartment this year. Next year I hope to be able to use my big silver tree. I think just about any color is great to decorate with at Christmas. It is fun to do something different each year.


I am normally a traditional girl but i LOVE this! I may have a mini white or silver tree with some pink next year. tres chic!


I love pink (and purple) for Christmas. I’ve been on a pink, purple, and gold kick for a few years now and haven’t tired of it. Everytime I walk past my Christmas tree, I tell it what a pretty tree it is. Ha!


How nice to see something other than red this time of year! I love the top photo, the glam tree, and that gorgeous New Years setup. I may have to copy that at home…


LOVELY pictures!!! I think pink is a risky color for Christmas decor but it absolutely looks amazing on white interiors!!!

Merry Christmas!

Meg @ write meg!

Anything pink is all right by me! I have a miniature pink tree with silver ornaments on my desk right now. I’m a huge fan of the hue, so I try to incorporate it into my life as much as possible!

Splendid Willow

I was hoping to see some more inspiration from your home, but I guess I will have to check in again tomorrow!

All the pink together with red really adds a more happy and modern twist to the tradional colors. Love that last image as well.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, dear Ally. I treasure you.

ox, Mon

Julie Goebel

I purchased a aluminum tree this year from an antique mall. I was so disappointed to find that a critical piece of the center poll was missing. I gave it to a friend with a shop to use the branches as decor. Merry Christmas!

Brittany @ The Aubergine Notebook

pink is starting to grow on me. i used to dislike it for home decor but the last year or so i’ve really come to like it. i think what sold me on pink for a holiday color was the dec issue of lonny. these images are so pretty too. i guess i’ve definitely been converted!


I’d have to work up the courage to do pink but hey, why not! Warmest wishes to you dear Ally for the Holiday Season & thank you for a year of scrumptious posts!
Millie xx


I live the wood tree ( I know all trees are wood but can’t think of another way to describe it) with all the baubles. It’s really fun. And different.


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