Hi there – it’s Sharalee from escapade visiting here while Ally is currently away on one of her global adventures.

When asked for one of my favourite current trends, one thing immediately leapt to mind – horses! Equestrian style has always been an autumn classic, favoured by icons such as Ralph Lauren and Hermes, but this season with with so many collections including jodhpurs, slim jackets and riding boots and all the excitement around Zenyatta, the most amazing little filly of all – it seems that equinophilia has reached a fever pitch.

I’ve had a life-long love for horses having ridden them almost all my life, someone recently asked me about my experience learning to ride and I honestly couldn’t really remember as I’d started so young. Recently I haven’t had access to these beautiful creatures other than a the occasional mounted policeman passing by, or a trip to my family’s place in the country (which happens all too rarely for my liking), and I’ve found myself longing for them. So until the day I can have a stable of my own, I’ll have to satisfy my longing with little equestrian influences in my home, most notably a large photograph of a dapple grey stallion taken by a friend.

Displayed at home, I think horses lend a sense of luxury and tradition that only the most elegant of creatures can bring.

I was captivated by the photography of South African photographer Koto Bolofo taken for Hermes. He’s captured their essence of sleek elegance and strength with such a sense of subtlety and soulfulness.

P.S I loved that Oprah named Zenyatta one of her most powerful women for 2010 and was so charmed by these little stories about her (she loves drinking Guiness!)

Ally – hope you are having a wonderful time away! xo

(Photos: 1,3,5,7 Koto Bolofo for Hermes via Habitually Chic; 2 – Calvin Klein designer Francisco Costa’s home photographed by Martyn Thompson; 4- Patrick Cline for Lonny magazine, 6- Style at Home editor Erin McLaughlin’s home photographed by Virginia Macdonald for Style at Home)



Splendid Willow

Lovely seeing you here, Sharalee!

And wonderful pictures. Would not expect anything less from you! The first image is breathtaking. (Wouldn’t mind that one at my house).

ox, Mon


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