Will I Go Straight to Hell If I Paint My Brick Fireplace?

Because I don’t have enough projects going on right now(!) I’ve been toying with the idea of painting the brick fireplace in our basement. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I think it’s really nice, actually. But I’ve always loved the look of white painted brick.


What are your thoughts?

Sorry for the weird posting times this week. Things should be back on track starting Monday. Have a great weekend!

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71 comments on “Will I Go Straight to Hell If I Paint My Brick Fireplace?”

  1. Paint it, for sure! Faint stone grey. Huge fan of the painted fireplace! Juxtapose it with some neat wood grains, and you will still have the natural elements exposed in part of the design. I personally love using driftwood as art hung on the walls.

  2. Christiana says:

    I say paint it most definitely. Would look gorgeous all white!

  3. I say paint too. And I'm usually cautious about painting brick (so much lovely brickwork has been painting over at home), but in this case, I say go for it!

  4. yes, paint it!



  5. Karena says:

    I like painted brick and it sounds like you will get the look you want Ally.

    I am posting pink today!


    Art by Karena

  6. The only hell around here, is living with what we think we "should". Do as you feel and don't worry about, how others might differently.

    Soft black or a sharp white?

    Just do it.


  7. I say GO FOR IT!

    I love brick fireplaces painted white, always looks so fresh.



  8. no question 'bout it. paint it.

  9. StylishBird says:

    I think white painted brick can look tres chic. I say do it!

  10. Brittany says:

    you should do it!! i love the look of white painted brick too. the end results will look more angelic then devilish so no worries on that front… 😉

  11. Shannon says:


  12. Bromeliad says:

    Paint it. Hell is not so bad.

  13. Millie says:

    This is the woman who painted every single exposed red brick in her house white (well, Parchment actually) speaking Ally. JUST DO IT!!!

    Millie ^_^

  14. Stacey says:

    No, you will not!lol! Design is dynamic so i say go for it! xx

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Yes. Risk eternal damnation. Paint it white!

  16. If you ever saw from my too many posts of my house here in Houston, that I did just that. I high-glossed our 2 story FP a white & did it all by myself. Still can't believe I didn't break my neck. But for the sake of good design, I'm known for risking life & limb!

    Gorgeous fireplace Ally, but I vote yes.

    Enjoy your weekend xx

  17. I am not a purist. Although I love both a traditional red and white brick wall, I'm totally seeing the fireplace surround white. White, baby, white! Especially given your black and white' palette. It will be stunning. Of course you know to prime first. Cannot wait to see the final result. It will be so fresh, so chic, so beautiful!!!



  18. Jane @ Beach House says:

    Paint it white or tile over it with marble tiles-it needs a touch of your stylish magic!

  19. Mandy says:

    You must must paint it white !!!

  20. Lynnae says:

    No, you will go to heaven- every time you enter your lovely room! (OK I know that's dorky but I couldn't resist). I would paint it.

  21. the end result will look more polished if you paint it white. sounds like its a landslide!

  22. Hell, yes, paint it!

    We have a brick fireplace in our basement that was painted years before we ever bought the place…in lemon yellow. I painted it white and LOVE it. What is not to love about white painted brick? And, when am I gonna get to see that house of yours?

  23. such a dilemma! i have a relatively large brick fireplace in my narrow living room, and go back and forth on whether I should paint it white or leave it alone. i would just hate to strip it if I don't like it down the line!! i'll wait to see what you do first. 🙂

    so good to meet you last night (sorry i'm just now responding, been out ALL day)! your energy is infectious, and you're a blast to be around. we'll have to get together again soon!

  24. Dana says:

    Paint the surround black. Then lightly spray the hearth white, allowing some of the brick to show through, like it is weathered. We did this and it is stunning!!!!

  25. Dana says:

    P.S. Leave the wooden mantle just as it is…


  26. Tonia says:

    I say, do it if that's what you want to do. You won't go straight to hell. 🙂 Have a fabulous weekend.

  27. Brismod says:

    You won't go to hell if you painted it. It will probably look great, but that said I actually don't mind exposed brick because it will age well. It seems you have the same brick externally…will you paint that too?

  28. Ann says:

    You will go straight to hell if you DON'T paint it! Just kidding – loved your post title and couldn't resist. Yes, paint!

  29. I think your fireplace would be WHITE HOT painted white! Even though it already looks lovely, white would just take it up a notch!


  30. Paint…and never look back!

  31. If I had a fireplace, I'd paint it white too! GO FOR IT GIRL!


  32. Go for it! I did exactly that (here: http://prettyfarwest.blogspot.com/2009/07/relentl… and though it's gone now it tided me over a few years till we were ready for a full redo.

  33. paint, paint, paint!!


  34. Jessie says:

    PAINT IT!!!! 🙂

  35. I'd paint it flat black or charcoal. all of the brick. Allez, courage!

  36. Cristina says:

    If your scheme is black with touches of black, I'd paint the fireplace white – no question. Looking forward to pictures!!

  37. Cristina says:

    Sorry, I meant "White with touches of black" 🙂

  38. Carol Evans says:

    I believe the choice has been made by reading all these comments, so go for it girl….you will love it.

  39. eyeseepretty says:

    If you're going straight to hell for painting your fireplace then save me a seat! I love the look of painted brick. What about painting it black? A bit unexpected and it would look fab in a black and white interior!

  40. K-Line says:

    That fireplace is crying out to be whitewashed! It's going to look gorgeous.

  41. Julie Goebel says:

    Go for the white. I did it on a house in Washington D.C. and never regretted it at all!!!

  42. ModFruGal says:

    Paint it guilt free!

  43. Libby says:

    Here's a peak at my painted brick fireplace: It has already been painted when we moved here…and for years I regretted it. But now, yes, I'm glad it's white. Well, actually it's "Greenpoint Silk", same as the walls, and it looks wonderful! http://www.libbywilkie-aneyefordetail.com/2010/04

  44. heidi says:

    do it. i much prefer them painted myself

  45. I think you should do it, Ally! it will look even more stylish, without any unexpected side effects :). hope you're having a fabulous weekend! xoxox

  46. Paint it! I did it and have never looked back. I love the look of a painted fireplace. Here is my before and after:


  47. Paint 🙂 do paint it, it will look fab

  48. Just saw Nate Berkus address this on his show. He's a total fan of painted brick on fireplaces. Go for it.

  49. Go for it! The look is so much more sophisticated.

  50. Harriet says:

    Nah you won't go to hell, paint it! It'll look awesome!

  51. whitney says:

    What if you painted it a different color? If the rest of your room is black and white, it might be really interesting to include a pop of another color.



  52. Ally says:

    Wow, guys! I can't believe the number of comments and that it's nearly unanimous!

    Teri Rees: I'm thinking bright white. 🙂

    Lynnae: That's funny. 🙂

    Brismod: Nope, I'm definitely not touching the exterior.

    pretty far west, Libby, Sarah: I love your fireplaces!!! Even more evidence I should go for it. 🙂

    Michelle: Really? I missed that one. I'll have to check my DVR. Thanks.

    whitney: I do like that look but I have my heart set on white. 🙂

  53. Kristin says:

    I can see why you're tempted! White brightens things up so!

  54. I've had clients paint their dated red brick fireplaces from everything to white to black to chocolate brown – and it looks great! But white is the best!

  55. Of course paint it!!! We painted our '70s panelling white and painted the brick BM racoon hollow–we love it being painted. Painting brick is heavenly!!!

  56. Amy says:

    Most definitely! It would look so great in white.

  57. Painting brick always seems like a great idea but then it gives me the chills and I can't commit! The fear of 7 years of bad luck, or… something…

  58. Paint it! You won't regret it for one single minute, not ONE! Go to it. Have a great weekend.

  59. CMT says:

    Paint it!! Painted brick is classic too and will look great with the mantel.

  60. YES, do it! white would be great, but i'd also love black or a really great charcoal too.

  61. I think that's pretty much unanimous – white it is! I have painted a brick fireplace before and never looked back.

  62. Meghan says:

    PAINT IT! 🙂 White! Cheers, Meghan

  63. Do it—-and don't feel the slightest bit guilty! –it will look so nice in your white basement!

  64. Hahaha, this is too funny! The other day, my Mom and I were thinking of how "crazy" she was years ago, for painting over a solid oak fireplace — turning it deep grey instead. My Grandparents were shocked, my Dad nearly had a heart attack, but it looks AMAZING. I say go for it, Ally, you will enjoy it far more painted. And, in fact, I have seen someone sand down the paint after, to reveal the brick. I thought it would look cheap, but it ended up looking quite chic. I think your fireplace would look very sharp painted white.

    Can't wait to see pics 🙂

    Enjoy the remainder of the weekend…


  65. I painted my fireplace brick about a month ago after living with it for 32 years! I painted it SW Macadamia, and I think it looks so much better! I did a post on it if you want to see what it looks like.

  66. Painting-Box says:

    Not that you need any more encouragement, but of course paint it! I painted a brick wall in a NY apartment white, with a Farrow and Ball masonry paint I was very happy with. I think they have a masonry primer too. I used their “All White” color.

  67. You better not go to hell for painting your fireplace because that means I’m heading there too! It is begging you to paint it white!!

  68. I love painted fireplaces and so I’d go for it!

    The fireplace in my house was painted when I bought it (a terrible green). I was thrilled it was already done so I didn’t have to make the call. I just repainted it a color I liked better.

    I can’t wait to see your results!

  69. Well you might, although I grant my permission just because of the AWESOME blogpost title. 😉

  70. Paint! White or black.

    I am back with more energy. I have missed being here.

    Love to you, Mon

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