Are you sick of hearing about my poor neglected windows yet? I know I am. Well, we’re all about to be put out of our misery because I’m weeks away from finally having some window treatments!

First, let me say that shopping for window treatments is no joke. There are way too many options out there and consequently, way too many ways you can go terribly wrong. Also, if you want to do it right, windows treatments are a pretty significant investment so it’s important to take the time to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.

Well, after reading countless consumer reports and reviews and driving everyone around me crazy I finally decided on custom roman shades from the Shade Store. (For the record, I am not being paid in any way for this post.) First I ordered a bunch of samples.

Then I placed them all over the place to see how they looked in different rooms at different times of the day.

Then this weekend, hubby and I measured all the windows. Being the smartie that he is, he made this chart to record all the measurements and keep them straight:

Pretty clever, eh? Did you know you should measure each window in three spots vertically and horizontally for the best fit? I didn’t.

So with the windows measured and the materials selected, it looks like the window treatment saga is finally coming to an end. HALLELUJAH.

P. S. Did I use the term window treatments enough in this post? Sheesh. What a goofy term . . .



Chedva @Belly's Button

Window treatments take forever to plan! As you said- there are just too many options. I’m contemplating ours for 3 months now, and I think I’m “ready” to order the fabric now (you’d think it’s a life changing event by the amount of thought I dedicated for it…).


Congrats on finally taking the plunge! And, I must say, I am super impressed by your husband’s chart!!

Happy Monday!

a little luxe

There are a lot of options! One of those don’t want to make an oops decisions….. great choices! I can’t wait to see them! Good Idea for the chart….


hello gorgeous

I would buy the Pottery Barn Peyton Linen drape in white (it’s a just-off white) and use the fabric and its lining to make your own roman shades. They’re super easy. I used a combination of the ideas from Little Green Notebook (roman shades using mini blinds) and Martha Stewart so I used dowels and round plastic things. It’s time-consuming but EASY and they look great! And they’re cheap.

Jane Flanagan

Ugh! I need to do this too, but the cost, as well as the pragmatism of this purchase means I keep putting it on the long finger! Good for you for getting down to brass tacks! I can’t wait to see everything installed!

alison@semi-fab lane

window treatments are a big commitment both style wise and money wise too. glad you wrapped it up now, it can get a little overwhelming after awhile and i for one am horrible at making decisions!

Lesley @ TheDesignFile

I’m really eager to see them. I think choosing window treatments is one of the most difficult things to do. When done right, they can absolutely make a room. When done wrong, they’re horrific! It sounds like you made a terrific choice and I’m so eager to see your results.


You guys so get it! Windows are really one of the most difficult decisions involved with a house and I am so, so glad it’s finally done!

hello gorgeous: Thanks for the tip but I don’t have the skills or the patience to take this on myself! :)


I currently have 2″ faux wood blinds, but seriously want roller shades for some reason, after I spent a tons getting the blinds. The debate continues.

amy b.s.

glad your window treatment project is coming to an end! it’s an important and expensive decision, so you definitely want something you love.

LLH Designs

Girl, I so GET you! WAY to many options out there. And don’t even get me started on the rod decision! I’ve still got panels sitting on the floor because I can’t decide on the perfect rod!

In fact, I’ve been so obsessed with the whole process that I haven’t even had the courage to blog about it…a little overboard! Just ask me about sheer linen panels. I know all there is to know! Tested TONS. Spent TONS in shipping and shipping them back!

Glad I’m not alone in the insanity!

Elisa @ What the Vita

I feel your pain. It took us almost a year to decide on window treatments for just FOUR WINDOWS. Geesh. We just ordered ours from The Shade Store too… eagerly awaiting them in the mail!

So not looking forward to thinking about the other windows in the house.. Later, later!


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