Do you love books (like I do)? Do you have a million of them all over your house (like I do)?

I’ve always liked the idea of having a library for all of my books:

When we moved into our house, I planned on using one of our spare rooms for one. But as I was shifting all my books around, I realized it wasn’t the most practical idea.

For example, when I’m in my office working on a blog post and I want to reference something in one of my design books, I want those within easy reach.

So what I ended up doing was categorizing my books and disbursing them throughout the house: art/photography and travel in the family room, interior design in my office, cooking in the kitchen and novels/misc. in the upstairs hallway. So far, that’s working for me.

I’d love to know what everyone else does with their books. Where do you keep yours? How are they organized?

Have a good weekend, all! See you Monday!

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Chedva @Belly's Button

Yes and yes, and I got to the same conclusion though I’d love a “real” library like in the pictures above. I have most of the books in my home office, books I don’t like/read/need that much in the spare room, children book in my son’s room (though I have some in my office too, some of my favorite books are children books!) and magazines and my current reads in the bedroom and (gasp!) the master bathroom…
Oh, and we have the Bible, talmud and all of these in the living room.


When I’m grown up and (fingers crossed) own my own place, I’d love to have a home library like one of these, esp. with the fun ladder!


I have books, magazines, paper, pages from magazines all over the place. I’ve purchased bookshelves but too lazy to get them set up. Maybe when I finish with my porch?

Lissa @ After Adornment

I love the idea of having a library. But I am the same way and have my books scattered about depending on their subject and how I use them.
If I do have a library someday I will still probably have books scattered as well.

Aimee@ the Functional Space

One of my favorite quotes by Thomas Jefferson is “I cannot live without books.” It’s always been my dream to have a fab “real” library one day. When the husband and I got married I had to put up some bookcases which were immediately filled to the brim. We have them in stacks all over. I’m wanting to install a wall of shelves in the office now. Though the Husband inexplicably moved the stack of cookbooks to the guest room because he didn’t like them lined up across the refrigerator. Now that’s a pain.


These are all so beautiful. I’d love to have a space like one of these one day…Now, i have books in my closet office, and in almost every other room in the house. Don’t even mention magazines, those are scattered everywhere:-).

mlle paradis

loved this post. have been hoarding pics for my own such one. somehow bookshelves really make a room. and apparently they’re (all those books) good for sound insulation too!


What a fabulous post! I love the idea of a library in a home or a creative way of making a library. I have most of my design books in my office and “coffee table” books in the living room. My goal is to create a library out of guest bedroom that is waiting for my attention.

cote provence

I love libraries as well. We have one in the office. But I would love to create a dining room/library kind of a room! I think they feel warm and cozy.

have a great weekend


Oh! I love books. Love, love, love. But they’re taking over my house. I feel kind of like a crazy cat lady, only with books. I’ve always dreamed of having a library with one of those giant rolling ladders; but I’m also liking the idea of distributing the books into the rooms where they’re most likely to be used.


I tend to read a book and then give it to someone else to read. My bookcase has encyclopedias, leather books, and accessories…

Space by Eliana Tomas

My dream house has a big gorgeous library with ladders rolling form one side to the other. oh, and the shelves won’t be aligned. they will be randomly displaying the books creating movement in the space.

a perfect gray

beautiful libraries, Ally. Makes me want to go straight out and paint mine a dark color. I am lucky enough to have a den, although kinda small, with ceiling to floor book shelves along one wall. My living room is much larger, but folks say my den is their favorite room. Books do make a home, don’t they….?


I love books and library. We had a 8 meters long library in the house I grew up and it was fascinating… I remember when I was little wondering if I would ever be able to read all the books my parents had. At Uni, I started having a fair amount of books and then interiors magazines came along and when I moved to London and started moving from flat to flat to home, some books had to go but did you see this new bookshelf wallpaper we got? It’s a great way to create the feel of a library at home


I have 80% of my books up on floating shelves in the office (5% on the floor in the office, and about 15% scattered around the house)… I used to have bookshelves lining 3/4 walls in the office, and I called the office, ‘the library’ but no one who came over knew what I was talking about when I said ‘library’ (the room with all the books people!! come on!)…

vosgesparis - desiree

To be honest I do not have may books in my house.. I have a lot in the storage but on the other hand the ones I have in the house are my favorite ones!

I build a whole room around the concept of finding a storage for all my interior magazines that I collect.. I like to look at them a lot and from time to time I take a pile to sit with on the couch and go through them again and again…

If you are curious you should search with the gogle thing on my blog for ‘two tables and a room’

Have a great weekend!


Sarah @ Natural History

We have bookcases built into the alcoves to either side of the four fireplaces in our tiny victorian house, and a couple of plain white billy bookcases taking up the shortfall. Our house is too small to sacrifice any proper walls to books – I’m having to give up our piano in order to get a comfortable sofa into the place!

Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy

Wow, you must have a lot of books Ally! Currently, all my books are housed in a bookshelf in the dining room. I am working on expanding my collection because I would love to have a library…even if it’s just a mini one!


I’m determined to one day have a dedicated library/office of my own. Currently the majority of my beloved books are packed away in boxes in my parents’ garage.

Previously, I had them throughout my apartment like you do. Cook books in the kitchen, travel and design in the living area. Novels and other reference books in my massive hall closet.

Sandy K

Mary @ Room Polish

these are stunning! I wish I were better organized with my books, as it is, they are all over the house! I would looove to have a library in my house some day. Dreamin’!

LLH Designs

I’m like you in the way my books are dispersed: mostly by category…with the more decorative, antique and French books reserved for the living room. Sometimes I pick one up to read and laugh at what some of the really old books have to say! Tried to read Les Miserables in French, but had to switch to English for that one!

Debra Lynn

I have a small office/library. I think it would be great if more people posted pictures of their home libraries. I love to get ideas from other book lovers. I have already told my husband when we retire and downsize the one thing I must have is a library. Who needs a kitchen!!!


I tend to read a book and then give it to someone else to read. My bookcase has encyclopedias, leather books, and accessories…:)


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