Hello everyone!! I’m Dagny from Scandinavian Chic and I’m super excited to be guest blogging here (I’m a huge fan of Ally and FTRB)! At SC, we blog about everything Scandinavian and Chic in a maximalistic setting. Ally asked me to do a post about my favorite design trend, and the theme I chose, came pretty naturally: the new Maximalistic wave we have going on at the moment in Scandinavian design. Scandinavian Maximalism is still pretty clean lined, with lots of white (of course), but interest is added with over the top accessories, focal points and antiques.

Camilla plays with textures, different whites and texture. Her home is noticeably Scandinavian, but with an international and almost exotic touch. The ostrich is completely crazy in my opinion, but at the same time it most definitely makes the room together with the pineapple light fixture.

Antikt hem för ung konst sh

Again, we see lots of white, but the sofa’s colorful pillows, the artwork and the fabulous sunburst mirror adds interest and softens the space.

Etta and the city skonahem

Etta’s home is also filled with whites, but it’s far from minimalistic. The Gustavian table with the intricate carving and the styling is very feminine.

Exklusivt och dekadent sh

Ah, how I love this room! Scandinavians love white walls and the artwork (I think I need it!!) and the fireplace makes the space come alive.

Fyndat och fixat Östermalm skonahem

Again, we have clean and simple lines, combined with a rococo sofa and louis chairs. Perfect contrasting elements.

Glasklart vindsloft skonahem

This must be the longest sofa ever! The clean lines of the staircase combined with the box chairs against the winged chair and the classical paintings makes the room.

Gyllene Accenter skonahem

Clean lines, mirrored furniture and whites. Again – Scandinavian Maximalism.

Hemma hos Lexingtons grundare skonahem1

The founder of Lexington’s home is another great example.

Kollektivliv på Strandvägen

A classical Josef Frank pattern on a sleek sofa combined with a Howard (rolled sleeved English sofa) and Moroccan touches and lots of white.

Kollektivliv på Strandvägen (1)

Again, we see lots of white and clean lines with contrasting elements, brass (looove) and interesting artwork.

Med känsla för stil skonahem

Chic 30s vintage furniture, fabulous artwork in white surroundings.


Camilla’s home again (same as first photo) shows a cow hide with gold splattered all over it, lots of layered whites and a very neutral palette. At the same time there’s a lot of eye candy and unexpected elements.

mixr se

Art Nouveau light fixture, a rustic dining table and the ghost chair combined with an indian (I’m assuming) window treatment. A lot going on in a very small room.

Nytt liv i Villa Furet

Again, we have a sofa covered in Josef Frank – stunning! Lots of plants, fresh fruit and colors combined with simple artwork and white walls.

Sovrum för sju sh

A monochrome, simple color palette with antiques and some fabulous orange chinoiserie pillows to add interest.

Sprillans nytt sekelskifte Stellan Herner

So what is Scandinavian Maximalism:
1. Lots of white
2. Clean, simple lines
3. Interesting artwork
4. Vintage/antique contrasting items
5. Layers
6. Just more stuff! (we’ve stopped hiding everything in boxes :))

Hope you enjoyed the post, if you’re digging the new maximalistic Scandinavian trend, we’ve got more over at Scandinavian Chic :) Thank you for having me, Ally!!

Image 1+12 from here, Image 2-11
and 14-16 from
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Long live Scandinavian Maximalism! I particularly like "The Planets" painting (2 big hearts). I don't study but isn't there a maximalist Scandinavian somewhere, just one, who can deal with non-white walls? Is it a law?
.-= Terry´s last post ..Burgers- Tots- Melon- and TV for 11 =-.


Am I the only one that has a problem with the ostrich? An animal on the wall is just sick.

Stuffed or real, doesn't matter, it just gives the wrong message! Is this how we teach our children to be compassionate, by putting animals on our walls?


Such a gorgeous post!! I adore scandinavian design – it's right up my alley. I'm now completely obsessed with this look! (and btw…also with that black floor lamp…wow!! :)

Dagny @ Scandinavian

Thank you so much for all the positive feedback, I'm so happy you found the post interesting!! And I'm really excited to meet you too!!

Terry, I don't have a single white wall in my home, but it's definitely the standard up here (we're lightaholics, it gets soo dark during the winter months! (The sun sets around 4 PM))



RosMar Couture

I love all white, I wish that I had the guts to do it. I'm too afraid that eventually things will look dirty. I think I may try it out in my boyfriends new loft.
.-= RosMar Couture´s last post ..I know I know =-.

shari @ little blue

Fabulous post, Dagny! I LOVE this! Okay, this is SO my new favorite style, I have always admired the clean lines of Scandinavian chic, but I have a glamorous heart, so this is definitely for me! Just stunning!
.-= shari @ little blue deer´s last post ..Shades of Gray =-.

Redlilocks {Swoon Wo

I'm late to the party but had to comment – I had no idea that was what this was called! I love the combination of crisp white which is so controlled and almost clinical with unexpected glamour and over the top eye candy! Absolutely love it. Fabulous post, will most definitely have a bit of a wander around your blog 😉
.-= Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy}´s last post ..Doin the Happy Friday Dance of Joy =-.


That sofa with the starburst mirror above is divine! I just want to snuggle up on it with a book and cup of coffee right now….


Thanks so much for taking time to comment! I read every one and reply through my own comments.