I think most people keep wish lists for their homes. I do too but I also have another list that I call the Ultimate Wish List. The difference is that my wish list is for things I currently want whereas my ultimate list is for things that I know I want at some point that I don’t have the need/space for right now. They are also things that I’ve loved for a very long time.

First up on the list is Serge Mouille lighting. It’s a classic and as with all classics, you really can’t go wrong with it.


It’s also a good excuse to post some of my favorite rooms again.


It seems like whatever the topic, I can find a room in Jenna Lyons’ house to illustrate my point.


Seriously, I’m almost embarrassed at the number of times I’ve posted some part of her house. Not too embarrassed to stop doing it though(!)

I’ll share the rest of my Ultimate Wish List in the coming weeks.

(Photos: 1.via Solid Frog 2.Marie Claire Maison 3.Elle Decor 4.Domino)



Marybeth Reid

Serge Mouille Lighting is seriously wonderful. Who cares about the rest of the list.

mb from Dallas

Janell Beals

I like the idea of an "ultimate" wish list, my piano used to be on such a list and finally was able to bring one home…now the only item on that list is a beach house. I'll be waiting a long time for that!! Great lighting, ultimate wish list worthy. Janell
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I like that idea of having an Ultimate wish list!! I think I'd have alot on that list :) And I know what you mean about Jenna Lyons'…you can always use a photo from her place!!
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Those light fixtures are fantastic! I have a 'dream house' file on my computer which is similar to your ultimate list, things I've loved forever and wish to have one day. Can't wait to see the other items on your list! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog, I really appreciate it!

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Milk and Honey Home

I learned something today…it is funny how once someone points something out you see it everywhere. Love the light! And I am with ya on Jenna Lyons. Wyatt's ceiling is getting silver gray stripes next week, a la Beckett.
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I know I will never ever be able to afford the real deal so I saved up and bought myself the ‘Preying Mantis Floor Lamp’ by I figure, if I get REALLY lucky one day and find an original while thrifting then I can sell my knockoff on CL haha… right now I just enjoy it :)


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