As I mentioned earlier this week, the orange chair is making its way around the house. This is where it has most recently landed:


This is a corner of my office, which has been undergoing more rearranging. (No. Really?) As you can see, I’ve started an inspiration wall, which is being re-thought as I type this (more on that later) and the piles of books and magazines are still on the floor. I thought about putting them on shelves but to be honest, I like them like this because they’re easier to access so we’ll see what happens with those. I may work on the rest of the office over the weekend. Or not. Hope you have a good one!

(Photo: From the Right Bank)




Is that orange chair and ottoman from Ligne Roset? They've been on my wishlist for some time. Love, love:-). I have magazines strewn everywhere (on the floor, tabletop…)Happy weekend to you!
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Lissa @ After Adornm

Once again I have to say…awesome orange chair!

I am also a magazine on the floor kind of girl. I just love having them in stacks as opposed to all filed away. They are all over the place though and I need to get them more pulled together….it drives the hubs nuts.
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I have serious office envy – I write in a cramped corner of our room – I probably need to go out and get some more work to justify a gorgeous light room and to die for chair – love the inspiration wall idea.. Ann x
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Ha! My office looks like your pile of magazines except there are magazines and books and floorplans and paint swatches and scraps of paper with hastily written notes, etc. Love, love the chair in orange. I'm a big fan of orange.
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mlle paradis

whenever you or that chair get sick and tired of moving, moving, my husband would be VERY HAPPY to offer it a loving and attentive home.

meanwhile, looking at your inspiration wall…..are you sticking them straight on the wall? why does that seem so novel to me? (maybe because of some of the agonies i've suffered choosing between dolled up cork boards and magnet boards.) wouldn't it be cool if you could get pretty blue (painters) tape with patterns on it like japanese masking tape? omg. then i would be constantly sticking things up and taking them down again and putting new stuff up!

fairy godmother – anybody? i don't need to collect patent fees. just somebody do it!
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angela | the painted

Look at all that natural light you have! I'm jealous! And, yeah, jealous about that smokin' orange chair, too…

I was wondering what you were going to do about that inspiration wall. :)
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katie o.

first of all, that chair is gorgeous. i'd probably have to have two so i could enjoy it in more than one room. second of all, i love inspiration walls. i have an inspiration book, but the idea of keeping them out and exposed is far better. love it. have a great weekend.
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The orange chair will look great anywhere, but the office could be the perfect spot. I am magazine challenged as well. I finally got rid of everything before 1990!

Have a great weekend…working on the office…or not!
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Hi Ally

I love your office and the orange chair! And yes, it would have been very lovely to meet you too, I really looking forward to see Monika. Have a great saturday evening!

xo Mia
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Elisa @ Globetrottin

Love the orange chair there, right next to the inspiration wall!! Which is brilliant in and of itself, of course – why should you limit yourself to an inspiration *board*? There shoulnd't be any limits to inspiration and creativity :-)
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