I bought this Tord Boontje Midsummer Light a million years ago but never installed it anywhere. When we moved into this house, I knew that my office would be the perfect place for it because this is the light fixture that was in there:


Tommy, the sidekick on Sarah’s House, calls these “boob lights” and I think that’s dead on.

The weird thing is the Tord Boontje light was supposed to come with a cord but it didn’t and I couldn’t be bothered to do anything about it. It also came with a plastic cone/cover which got misplaced during the move. So I had to improvise.

So, I got this pendant at Ikea:


and had dear, sweet hubby install it. I then draped the yellow part of the light over the pendant. (The light is green and yellow but I only wanted the yellow.) And here is how it turned out:


I think it adds a nice color and texture to the room.

There’s still more to do in my office but I think it’s time for a peek.


We brought in the table that used to be in the eat-in area of the kitchen. My plan was/is to use blue or yellow chairs but for now, I paired it with the two Pantons. They make the room a lot more white than planned but I’m kind of liking that (when do I not like white?) so we’ll see about the other chairs. There’s still art to hang and the inspiration wall to finish so stay tuned for more.




Hahahaha boob light, they really have to stop putting those things in new homes… so awful.


I will never be able to look at a ceiling light again without thinking about boobs! Thanks! You definitely upgraded with the new pendant!


I love the room and I like that everything is crsip and white…so much light in there it would be the perfect space to do design work. Can't wait to see more!
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Sara K.

Can you please tell me where the pink and blue pillow are from? I love the pattern and the color is beautfiul!


Thanks for the nice feeback, guys!

Deb: Go back and get it!!!

Jade: I was the same way when I heard Tommy say that!

Sara: The blue pillow was from Crate & Barrel a year or two ago. I got the pink one a really long time ago at a local store in New York. (Sorry that's not that helpful!)

Julie M. ~ The Littl

I call them "boob lights" too and am not a fan (of boob lights…I am definitely a fan of "Sarah's House!). Your new light fixture is excellent…it's just so lovely and whimsical!

: )

Julie M.


Wow, your office is looking great so far. The Panton chair look fabulous with the bright cushions on them – really breaks up the white.
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Aah that is the perfect name for the old lamp..and that is what I will call them from now on.

Love your improvisation. Clever girl!

The lamp and the office look great. You know I love a white room like this – it's a Swedish thang..! :)

I think you should keep the Pantons and add colour through the art & flowers.

xx Charlotta

P.S. Like your new copyright sign-off. If that doesn't tell those ba…rds to keep their mittens off your posts..!
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LOL!! I always thought they looked like boobs too! We have a couple in our house too, and that's how I've referred to them before (and then my husband always looks at me kind of weirdly..)
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Haha!! I took out what we have coined the "Nipple Lamps" too! They're so gross and my apartment had THREE of them!! I installed other lighting fixtures in replace of my nipples, but I didn't think of the Tord Boontje light, which I also have a version of given to me by my lovely boyfriend. The light looks great though! Love the pop of color at the ceiling and I'm sure it adds a great amount of warmth when the light is turned on.


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