Lately, I’m seeing a pretty dramatic shift in the types of interiors I want to create. It is so discernible that I can actually feel this change as it’s happening. Has that ever happened to you? Well, if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you already know how I much I love the whole Scandinavian vibe. It had been building up for several years and I think it hit its peak some time last year. But since moving to Atlanta . . .


. . . I’ve noticed that I’m gravitating back toward a more bohemian style. Before that it was very French, before that, contemporary and before that, very eclectic/ethnic and before that . . . well, I’ve run through pretty much all of them. There was even a brief shabby chic period in there somewhere too. (I know!) What can I say? Like questionable fashion trends, I’ve tried them all.


I think this change has a lot to do with my new surroundings. Not that Atlanta is exactly bohemian – in fact, it’s actually very traditional, as is my new house. But I’m finding that a traditional backdrop lends itself very well to these kinds of maximalist interiors. As I said before, I don’t think the style of house has to dictate exactly how the interior is decorated but it does have some bearing.


And these are the rooms that are really appealing to me right now. There is just more of everything in these rooms: more texture, more layers, more details and especially, more color.

So all this has me wondering, does your environment influence your taste and style? And if so, how much?

Have a lovely weekend!

(Photos: 1.via Coco+Kelley 2.via Style Court 3&4.via This is Glamorous)



Fat Cat

Oh yes, massive bookcases filled to the brim ! And no colour coding ! I am all for it.

As for your question, define environment ?! I live in Brussels, Belgium, and around here interiors tend to be terribly conservative, old-fashioned – in one word, horrible. So I am much more drawn to styles I see on the internet – The Brick House, Door 16 – to name just the usual suspects. So homes from the other side of the world from people I have never seen, have had a much bigger influence on my decorating than anything in my direct environment…

The Antiques Diva

Does environment influence taste? Absolutely… when I returned from a trip to Greece I found myself white washing the walls of my roof top terrace and bringing in intense blue details. A trip to Istanbul and Turkish market decor influences my design. 5 years living in Paris means I'll always have a serious French touch, and our recent move to Germany last year has me becoming more minimalist. This last comment would surely make German friends laugh as minimalism is hardly something that could be used to describe my home, but German modern decor has me editing editing editing. And now looking at these bohemian frocks I think…hmm, my guest bedroom (which is a multipurposed room)would fit the BoHo look very well…

Some might say Fickle, I say Creative, Inspired and Flexible!



This post is heart attack inducing. I knew I was in for it as soon as I saw bohemian in the title. No matter how hard I try to achieve a simple, clutter-free, pared down aesthetic, ultimately I always gravitate to interiors just like these. I find the jumble of rich colors, layered textures, and objects collected over time simply irresistible. I'm dying over these luscious rooms!!!!

Was there a question in there somewhere? Focus Nelya, focus. Oh yes, actually no, I would have to say no, my style is less a result of environment and more a compilation of my history and life experiences and general growth then it is about a place on a map.

Gah, excuse me while I go drool over these images one more time. Happy weekending Ally!
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I think that this style is definitely making a comeback. I've noticed more and more blogs showing a more eclectic style in decorating. I have always liked a little of the traditional, as it adds more interest and stimulation.

I think that we all buy into what is fashionable at the time but they all become dated. The traditional look is not always up there as being the trendiest but, it never goes out of style. XXXX
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Space by Eliana Toma

yes, this has happen to me too. my signature is quite simple lines and splashes of colour everywhere i can, but lattely i love to add bohemic details, retro pieces and other older possessions i might find. My design has been much more eclectic and i must say i'm loving it. and since i'm in london i'm always hunting for old victorian houses dreaming one day i'll work only with these type of spaces.

love the 3rd photo.
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Jane Flanagan

I can sense a change in my style too right now. It's not such a dramatic shift, just a general softening and loosening of the "rules". I think identifying my style gave me a springboard to jump off of and now I'm playing with that, improvising and having more fun.
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yum adore all of these. totally relate, my taste changes with the seasons.

and yes design should absolutely relate to the house. mine is old with high ceilings, so I hope to do a mix of modern furnishings, and soften it up with lots of colorful textiles. Like all the images above!
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Your environment should have some bearing on the manner in which you decorate.

Example: There is a low-slung ranch home for sale down the street. On the outside lovely bricks, shutters, and traditional American elements. Inside is a complete disconnect. It looks like Versailles – marble walls, gilt mirrors, various Louis furnishings. The house has sat on the market for over a year with several price cuts. I wonder why?
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the domestic fringe

I've lived in Maine, New York, and Florida and I definitely think that my location has influenced my style. I also think the type of house influences my style. Right now my life lends itself to a more sparse decor. It's just easier to maintain. I've always kept the same basic color scheme though.

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I am loving these images. The textures and layers on layers. I am leaning towards something similar in my home. In the last place (condo, concrete floors, little natural light) I liked the more masculine streamlined look but with our new house (more traditional, Hey Atlanta!) I am playing with it a bit and seeing what comes out. Trying to respect the house itself while keeping my style relevant throughout. Found some amazing suzani pillows in Santa Fe that have found a home on our sofa. And so the layering begins!


I often feel like my design eye is all over the place. As a result, "buy what you love" could be the worst statement in the world for me.

See, now that I've seen your post, I love bohemian. Darnit.
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Oh tell me about style shifts, Ally! My house contains almost no blue at all, but ever since you posted your blue and pink images (and more here in today's post) I've been looking round many of my rooms and seeing tremendous possibilities. Where can I find your address to send you the invoice for the complete redecorating cost…?
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Fat Cat: That's interesting. I know if I lived in Brussels, I'd be all over that Belgian style – I actually like it quite a bit. Maybe it's a case of grass is always greener? :)

Toma: You sound so much like me! Every time I come back from a trip, you can tell where by looking at my house. :)

nkp: That's because you know yourself and what you like so well. Even though you like a lot of styles, you know what's "you." That makes me incredibly jealous, you know.

Jacqueline: I actually wouldn't call this style a trend. I'm thinking World of Interiors, etc. and I would say it's withstood the test of time.

Jane F: Isn't it funny how we restrict ourselves with self-imposed rules? I find myself doing that too sometimes and have to remind myself that it's just decor, after all. It should be fun. :)

Raina: Exactly. That's the perfect example.

Devon: That is terrible advice for me too!

mise: I'll email it to you. But I'll want to be repaid when I buy that charming stone house on the sea that I just have to have because of you. πŸ˜‰


Your environment effects how you live and how decorate, as does travel. There is a great article in the Observer by Jonah Lehrer on travel and how it effects us creatively. Well worth the read. He writes….

"We travel because we need to, Because distance and difference are the secret tonic of creativity. When we get home, home is still the same. But something in our mind has been changed and that changes everything."
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I love the bohemian images. They really show off the personality of their owners and don't look like a cookie cutter store image. With so many layers and varying eclectic kick-knacks they have a lot of stories to tell. Keep up the inspirations bohemian decor photos.
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I'm noticing a shift in my decorating preferences too. My home is a Victorian style and I've been drawn to traditional style in the past. Now, I really admire a more contemporary look, but I know that it won't work with the architecture of my house. Sigh.


I am feeling a definite shift toward more color and layers… albeit a little more tailored than boho. I think you can be tailored and still have those touches of funk in there. Love the images! You had me at the first shot with the ikat.
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Hi Alek, you already know how much I'm infuenced by travel but I have to say that yes, environment does influence my style. So many times I have to ask myself would this really look at home in grey, rainy England? Now, taste is another thing altogether. My tastes are very eclectic, I just have to put a curb on them.

Thanks so much for dropping by today and for your sweet comments. I have just read your bio and my you are a busy lady!!!

Have a great weekend. x
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Crystal @ Plush Pala

Really great, thought provoking post Ally. You mention that you don't think a house's style has to dictate the style, but I struggle with that. I play this little game with myself where when I visit someone's house, I redesign it in my head to MY liking. I find the traditional homes are SO hard for me to do that with…. I guess a challenge is a good thing, and maybe exploring a new aesthetic that fits in better with a home and surrounding environment isn't necessarily a bad thing.
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clayton gray home

definitely believe environment influences decor. we are near the beach and our decor has turned more simple. linen fabric, simple colors, comfortable feel….


I absolutely love this style! The problem I have is that the apartment I just moved into is very contemporary and clean (thanks mostly to my boyfriend), and I am just struggling to incorporate a more bohemian feel to the interior. Hopefully I can pull it off!

Also, I saw in an older post that you had had a few boxes still lying around your place; like you, it has been about a month into moving, and I still have a few boxes to go!
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pam robinson

break all the rules… buy what you love … i have a very modern house and everything inside is vintage… i feel so cozy here… i love these images… so fun… xx


i think environment absolutely dictates your taste and style. i find that mine is constantly changing from bohemian to modern and back to boho depending on the apartment or city i live in, and even the season. i love the above photos, especially the dashes of red and pink in each room.
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jen jafarzadeh

gorgeous post, ally! and I'm selfishly happy about your style shift because bohemian (mixed with industrial) is probably the style I most gravitate towards. excited to see it take shape in your new house!
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I think we're all susceptible to many influences when it comes to design. It can be the style of the house you live in, the trends of the moment, the way a friend has decorated a house, the shifting seasons – or something as small as a single image you've fallen for. I find my tastes evolving all the time. Over the past year I've become more into color, graphic patterns and contrasting/eclectic styles. But I always end up coming back to my roots: cool, calm, neutral equilibrium!
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…yes yes yes!…if i never see another white slipcover or seagrass rug again…it will be too soon… have been to istanbul and france and greece and italy …many years ago…but my home today reflects all those incredible places…hope you are finding our city to your liking…we are glad you are here…


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