Sue recently posted about the Style Quiz at sproost and since I’m positively obsessed with trying to define my style, I had to see what this one had to say.  Here’s what I got:

65% French Eclectic
35% Vintage Modern


I’d say that’s pretty close but it’s not perfect because I’m not sure about the “vintage modern” part. Maybe it knows something I don’t?

This reminded me of the HomeGoods StyleScope created by Domino’s Deborah Needleman that I took a long time ago. That one said I was “Bohemian Classic” which sounds kind of right, too. It also said these were my happy colors:

Picture 180

I’m currently using all of these colors (with the exception of brown) so I guess it’s pretty close. So have you all taken these quizzes? What did you think of the results? Do you know of any other good ones?


And speaking of styles, I’ve been wanting to reissue my “What’s Your Style In One Picture” challenge for the longest time but life keeps getting in the way. I actually have an idea for a twist on it that I think will be really fun and it’s my goal to get this going by summer. (I guess it’ll be an annual challenge after all – some of you may remember my foolish idea of a quarterly challenge. HA!) So look for it this summer!


Finally, I don’t think I thank you enough for visiting my blog and especially for your always thoughtful and sweet comments. With my big move and amped up travel schedule, I’m finding it harder and harder to find time to leave comments on all of your blogs so I just wanted you to know that while I may not always have time to comment, keeping up with your blogs is one of the highlights of my day. So please know that I’m there, even if quietly.  :)

Okay, that’s all. Thanks for reading and I hope your week is off to a great start!

(Source of suitcase photo unknown.)




Your happy home colors are basically all the colors I'm currently using in my home right now :) I LOVE them!! Wonder what my quiz will say? I'm off to check it out…
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I am mostly french eclectic with a smidge of rustic revival. Totally looking forward to a 'your style in one picture' kind of series. Insanely good idea! Marija
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Ah we must have been thinking the same thing today. I've been feeling totally horrible that I'm so swamped and while I'm still reading all of my favorite blogs I don't always have time to comment. I totally thought I owe Alex an email. I haven't caught up with her in a while! So sorry I've been MIA.




the sproost quiz is still having problems unfortunately! i'm quite interested to see what it says! the home goods quiz labeled me as Glamorous Classic. thanks for sharing!


Welcome to Atlanta! I personally had a HATE Atlanta day yesterday, but I am so glad you are liking it. It is hard to not like it when the weather is so lovely. Anyway, love your blog, adding you to my subscription :)


Love your colors.

I come out schizo on all design quizzes. On the Sesame Street personality test, on the other hand, I came out a solid Bert.
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Thanks so much for taking time to comment! I read every one and reply through my own comments.