Red and White Stripes

red ticking

I’m mad for stripes (like these textiles from the lovely Red Ticking) and would probably have no problem if my entire house were striped. When it comes to red and white stripes, I think a little restraint is in order so it doesn’t get too candy striper-ish. And when done right, it can totally make a room.

I like everything in this room but that strip of red and white is what just does it for me:


Striped bedding is always a good thing:



I’ve posted this photo before but I never get tired of it and it may be my favorite example:


(And how yummy is that green chair, too?)

(Photos: 1.Red Ticking 2.via Automatism 3.Toast 4.Livingetc. 5.via Head Over Heels)


  1. Lorna says:

    Yep, there is something v refreshing about striped fabrics.

    I can't remember whether I emailed you or not to tell you but the Blog watch feature I did for Munster Interiors won't be in this edition (due to advertising space) but I will email it to you when I get the PDF.

    Cheers, Lorna

  2. ABC Dragoo says:

    When I was a girl, my sweet Scottish grandmother lived with us. Her favorite color combination was red+white. Til this day I can't see that combo and not think of her!

    Thanks for this post today.

    : ) ABCD

  3. Ally says:

    linda: I was thinking the same thing. 😀

    erin: Me, too. It's like I'm an inmate or something.

    Erin @SYL: LOL – ribbons are like bacon!

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