Please tell me that it’s more than 2 months because that’s how long it’s been since we moved and my house still looks like this:


I think I almost preferred it when things were in this state:


Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. Or not.



Michelle (Three Men

Yah, would you hurry it up…we're all waiting on pins and needles to see your beautiful home. Just giving you a hard time. I can remember still opening up boxes 6 months after we moved in and saying, "so that's where that bowl went." Take your time. Moving turns your whole life upside down.


I offer no hope. We are on four years and counting. Just last weekend, the husband ordered me to finally dig into stacks of boxes sitting (still!) in the basement.

I'd suggest you ponder the hallway above and then turn, slowly, and go make yourself a cocktail. You'll feel much better.
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And that is why I never want to move again. I think one usually takes months so 2 months is not so bad. Especially if you are painting as you are. In our case I did all the unpacking and only one solitary box was left three years later, that was the 'hardware and tools' box and no prizes for guessing who was responsible for that. xoxo
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Well just the other day I finally did something about a stack of paintings – and that has taken 3 years, so don't be so hard on yourself after only 2 very busy months!
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Two months? We took at least a year. And then there were the items that we didn't know how/where to put them when unpacking, so they just went into closets, drawers, etc. 2.5 years later I'm finally getting to the end of "unpacking properly". It's such a relief to finally be organized, but you have to live in the house for a while to figure out what makes sense. Or at least that's how I justify it!

Good luck!


By my count you are way ahead of schedule.

I think I gave you misinformation yesterday. I was thinking about the Met. Opera chandelier – kind of the same but squashed instead of round. That's what happens when I try to be helpful before I have coffee.
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Two months is nothing. When we moved into our current house we had boxes still unpacked and in full view for at least two years. I can blame it on having a one-year-old and being pregnant again within three months of the move, but that would be a fib. I was just lazy. I can not imagine moving again, even though we've thought about it recently. With three kids and all of their stuff, it would be the end of me, for sure. :0)
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Thanks for all the sympathy, guys. It makes me feel less like a lazy ass!

Mel: You're too nice. I wish that were true but the rest of the house is just as scary!

Jeanine: I love that Met Opera chandelier! Know of any sources?

Ana: So am I! That's why I'm frustrated with myself because I consider myself a professional mover. :(


All I'm focused on is those beautiful floors and lovely hallway with shelves. The stuff will work itself out, the beautiful bones of the place will last a long time.

How are you enjoying the East so far?
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Has it been 2 months already?! This year is getting away from me…

And yes, it takes that long. We're 9 months in and I still have a completely empty bedroom that's just holding our "projects". Pantry still has stray accessories in it….yeah, not settled in totally yet ourselves.
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I've been at this home over a year, I am still not totally unpacked and I'm already dreaming of my next move (the home, not the process). My sister and Dad get everything unpacked in the first few days – that's just never quite worked out for me.
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Oh, this reminds me of our last moving five years ago. I was dreaming of evening when I did not have to unpack after I came home from work. And finally it happened! All the boxes were out and all I had to do was to sit down and admire our new home!
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We have been in our new house for 6+ months and I still have "box" corners in almost every room. We all know that frustrated feeling though. You just want it all DONE yesterday. We doubled our square footage in this house but lost tons of storage space. It's like a new puzzle every time you move…. where does this go in THIS house? Good luck! You'll get there.



Maybe there's something behind it?

Or maybe you're just having a lazy phase. There's about a million things I would rather do than unpack…
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when I was in my 20's it took me a day to get settled in, two at the most. As I edge closer to my 40's its months, even years of tweaking to get to 'right'. If anyone comments, tell them a house is an evolution and genius takes time 😉
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:) I remember these days. I'd like to think of myself as a professional mover and packer by now but I still dread unpacking. My last move was easier though, 2 luggages to Bali please. :)
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We closed on my house on April 29 – I moved in on June 1. I want to have an Open House/House Blessing on Sept. 7 – however it is taking me much longer to unpack this house then it ever did all my apartments in the past. I am in a 3 bedroom/2 bath house in the south. The last two days I have spend all waking moments on unpacking. If someone was to look at what I have done, it would not look like I did anything. Also for the past month I have had to do tons of shopping for curtains, blinds, silverware drawers, etc.Too many decisions to make! Plus, I am self-employed trying to work from home in this mess. It just me – no husband or children to distract me. Just maybe my mother at times – lives 11 miles away in another city. I did not know I had this much stuff. Am I being realistic on only giving myself 3 months to unpack and settle in?


Oh, thank you ALL SO much for your comments! I have been going stir-crazy, trying to figure out why I am so batshit crazy cranky trying to deal with all of the still unpacked boxes! We moved in 3 weeks ago, and I am HORRENDOUSLY impatient!!! Going through therapy for some childhood issues concurrently, and turns out lots of this “impatience” as I call it is actually issues related to my undealt-with perfectionism, worrying about what others think, etc…. The 2nd comment from Devon was my very favorite… having a margarita right now. 😉 Thanks, all! :)


Thanks so much people for these comments. I agree, unpacking is mind numbing. My plan is to get to the bottom of things, as we are unpacking from having more to less storage space, or it’s just laid out differently, haven’t quite figured it out yet. It’s tedious but I’m trying to see it as a positive and as an opportunity to have in our possession what we value or still use! Been 1.5 weeks – it’s slow moving but we’re getting there!

Greg Williams

My girlfriend and I knew that we would never unpack immediately so we used a new online storage company in the UK called We had an online inventory of our boxes and requested a batch back just before each weekend. We could also add an online description of each box so we knew which boxes to request when. It worked pretty well. Didn’t have all of them lying around during the week.


Thanks so much for taking time to comment! I read every one and reply through my own comments.