Every once in a while I see a house where I like absolutely everything. This Stockholm house recently featured in Skona Hem (of course) is one such house.

It had me at the window seat. Oh, that view!

Love the rolled arm sofa, the Josef Frank pattern on the other, and the tray coffee table here:


the wallpaper, the gray door frame, and the all-white bed here:


the bedding, lantern and wallpaper here:


the sleek cabinetry, fixtures, and Missoni towels here:


and last but not least, the mill work, arches, chandelier, weathered black chest, kilim, giant lantern, and black/white/red palette here:


To me, this house is pretty much perfect and it further fuels my obsession with Scandinavian homes. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!



Russian Doll

Stockholm interior design is great!

Makes me proud to be Swedish! :) Sköna hem is a good magazine too, but Residence (another Swedish magazine on interior design) is a bit more stylish I think.
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I love how european windows open right out into the air…. no screens, or bars, or whatever else there is like here! it’s so much more pleasant looking… I could dream all day out at that view!


Stunning, isn't it? and I do think it's an apartment….has that feel to it and the view through the window suggests that as well…..I grew up in Europe and these windows are just incredible…I remember sitting at one of them for hours and watching the street below (we also lived in an apartment)…thanks for sharing these super photos!
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I wonder if it has a matching twin next door, I'd love to be your neighbor! ;0)

Really beautiful and you've outlined all the glorious details, but I just have to give one more shout out to the Josef Frank upholstered sofa….amazing!!! I priced some of that yardage recently in hopes of reupholstering a chair.

Ouch. It's as pricey as it is gorgeous! If you have any good sources or alternatives, shoot me an email, I'd love to know!
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Me too! We vacationed there a few years ago and I immediately knew I'd want to return one day. I hope my daughter wants to do a semester there when she's in college – then I could visit frequently with a purpose!
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Love Love this home, I saw it on Skona Hem too. It is oh so pretty in every way you described. I may have to one day runaway to Stockholm….but really!



Pam, Jessica, Erika: It's settled, we'll all live there together – in design heaven!

Dagny: Yup, that's the one. I've only been to Malmo, haven't yet made it to Stockholm. But I must and soon!

Russian Doll: You should be! No one has better style!

Appletree: I think it's in the genes!


Me too! I've been reading Steig Larsson's books and it's only got me itching to visit Stockholm even more.

This home is so, so lovely. I could spend an entire afternoon just sitting in that window seat, staring out at that view.
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Sarah Klassen/Haute

Great find, Ally!

I really like the fresh white walls, the lantern details, and the entire last image…with the coved ceiling! Wow! Beautiful…

I hope you're having a wonderful week so far / xo

Vintage Simple

Yes, this house is pretty much perfect. Scandinavian design is pretty much perfect. All that white? And the wallpaper accent walls? And the windows? And the light? And the view? (And could I just stop?) Okay.


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Splendid Willow

Yes!!!! But I tell you, that first image makes me soooo home sick… Ally, I actually got married in the same neighborhood as this home! Summer time, there is no better and more gorgeous city in the world than Stockholm (in my humble opinion!). Thank you for sharing! Cyber hug, Mon
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Penelope Bianchi

Totally divine! Wonderful apartment in Sweden!

And thanks for the head's up on the "The Art of the Steal"

On my list to see…….and an absolute fact!

I went to the Barnes Collection …It was all stacked on top of each other just the way Mr. Barnes wanted it! EXQUISITE!!!

Beautifully done! And it made perfect sense!

Now; it will be done in some gallery by someone who is a museum curator….who has none of the enthusiasm nor taste of Mr. Barnes. It makes me sick!


um – great color and decor and light – but the photographer was there one of the 5 days it is sunny in copenhagen so normally i would say yep how do i kick the tenant out but not this time…


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