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Most of you know that I get a lot of my inspiration from traveling. Wherever I go, I love to check out the local design scene and to see what the trends and styles in a particular city or area are. During our road trip, I picked up D Magazine in Dallas and I fell head over heels for the featured house.

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I just love the soft palette.

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And I’d love to try a mural like this somewhere in my new house:

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It could be a good alternative to my de Gournay dream!

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And last but not least, how gorgeous are these vignettes:

Picture 71

We have 3 built-ins in (what will hopefully be) our new house and I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

This house is a pretty far departure from my Seattle house but it just spoke to me on so many levels. I’m sure it’s because I have my new Southern house on the brain. And I haven’t even moved in yet! Can you imagine what’s going to happen when I do?!




For me, this has quite a French vibe, so I can see why it appeals to it. At first glance it's a modern clean look, but the soft colours and the lived-in look are a nod to country style. I love it – the perfect balance between clutter and a sense of home, and with such elegant touches in the detail and the curves of the furniture. I think it's a great start for inspiring your new house.
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my favorite and my b

i am sure i speak for everyone when i say- goddamnit woman get your ass in that new house of yours and show us the pictures of it already!!!! if you do ANY of the above in there you will most likely hear the moans of a collective orgasm eminating from the universe of design bloggers.
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I find it so interesting that this is totally different from the "west coast" vibe, but still in keeping with your love of white. Can't wait to see the version of this in your new home.
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Your inspiration photos have such soft yet clean lines. And the pops of color against a neutral background draw me in. I love the use of color on the curtains. I want to curl up in the living room with all the windows!!


Wow, I'm so surprised that I love this too! There's something so Southern about the lush- and comfiness, but nothing else screams 'Deep South' to me. And that's why it's perfect! All of those mirrors combined with the soft color palette is definitely inspiration-worthy. You never fail to amaze me with your keen eye!
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I am in love with this home! And have been in love with D mag for some time now! You are going to love the south girl! I am so excited for you Congrats! Love the new banner too!
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Splendid Willow

OMgosh Ally! What a stunning home! I mean, just look at that living room with the gray sofa and chairs. I need to move too – so I can start designing all over again! Miss you! OX Monika

Janell Beals

I like your new banner, makes sense you'd need one! The children's room in your post is fabulous, the wall mural…I need to do this somewhere!!



Raina: Totally! It keeps me up at night!

favorite and best: From your mouth to the real estate gods' ears!


I can't wait to see what you do with your new place. I love southern homes and combined with your style, I'm just waiting to save your photos in my inspiration files!

Jessica at Lavender

So much to talk about. #1 I love your new name and look! #2 I am in love with the contrast between the purple curtains and the green in the chairs and #3 I am also in love with that wallpaper.
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Wow!! That is amazing, I love the decor, elegant but not over-the-top, and it doesn't look like a place where no one lives – I hate it when a place looks so put together it looks like a model home more than a real home!

Love the mural, too – would definitely like a mural in our place, eventually.

Can't wait to see your new place!
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