De Gournay Dreams

Picture 73

De Gournay. The name says it all. Hand painted wallpaper that is the ultimate in luxury.

Picture 67

It’s one of those things that I always imagined I would have in my “grown up” house.

Picture 74

So as we get ready to move into a decidedly more grown up house (knock on wood), I find myself wondering if the time has come.

Picture 71

But given how fickle I am, I don’t know how I would ever choose the pattern.


After all, De Gournay paper isn’t like a toss pillow I can just swap out when my mood changes.


Given the cost, it’s a huge commitment.

Picture 68

So huge, in fact, I don’t know that De Gournay is in my future after all.

Picture 69

Maybe something less extravagant is in order. Thoughts? Suggestions?

(Photos: DeGournay)

24 thoughts on “De Gournay Dreams

  1. I too have been pondering wallpaper. I think De Gournay is just too expensive as it the other one can't remember its name. You can get very good but much less expensive wallpaper. I am not a fan of that one wall only look and I think it works very well in a dining room – that way you don't get sick of it because you aren't in front of it the whole time. xoxo
    .-= Jane´s last post ..Breakfast with Italians in Melbourne – Eat Ate by Guy Mirabella =-.

  2. I, too, dream of having DeGournay in my house. However, because of the cost and because I am fickle, I have been thinking about buying just a panel or two and having them framed. The effect is different than an entire room swathed in the gorgeousness that is DeGournay, but a little is better than none I say!

  3. Like you I adore wallpaper – but there are many fantastic ranges that are a little less of a financial commitment than De Gournay, so that you wouldn't have any regrets! Designers Guild, Osborne & Little, and Cole & Son will all have you spoilt for choice.
    .-= Amanda´s last post ..letters to santa =-.

  4. Just look at the curtains in that first photo. I wish that, when I struggle out of bed in the morning, I could make mine look like that, like a dancer about to spin her magnificent skirts.

    Oh yes, the wallpaper. It's fabulous, but there's no way I'd have it in my house. I think it might dominate me and I'd fade away to nothingness.
    .-= mise´s last post ..giveaway tips =-.

  5. I also have been planning on putting up some wall paper in my entry. My current obsession is Ferm wall paper. Decidedly more modern than de Gournay though.

  6. Well, there's always Zuber… 🙂

    I, personally, could hang one of the scenic pieces in my home and NEVER tire of it! You could also have pieces mounted on board and attach said board to the wall, edged by a molding strip. If you tire of it, move it.
    .-= erin@designcrisis´s last post ..House Hunting In Hell =-.

  7. Thanks for all the suggestions for alternatives, everyone. So many great ideas!

    mise: That would never happen – you're much more fabulous than any wallpaper.

    Raina: Good point! There's no way I'd leave it behind!

    my favorite: Hehe. I'd expect no less. 😉

  8. Hi Alek

    I just did a post about my Chinoiserie Fireplace and if you look at the photo looking in from the front door you will see a little bit of my entry which is papered in a series of hand painted murals on silk which I paid $30 per panel at a Wallpaper Outlet in South San Francisco. It's not de Gournay but it's lovely nonetheless and I've never tired of it 🙂
    .-= Therese Long´s last post ..My Chinoiserie Fireplace =-.

  9. I don't ever want to feel that comitted to a wall! It is beautiful (love that blue room), but I think you can achieve the same look without the exorbitant cost.

  10. I'm not going to be much help here, as I'm not into wallpaper at the moment, …..that could change next week though !!!!…..although the ones you have shown are beautiful. Good luck with choosing….it's a big commitment and an expensive mistake. I bet that's really cheered you up !!!! XXXX
    .-= Jacqueline´s last post ..LAMPLIGHT ………. =-.

  11. Lovely Wallpapers but you can get more or less the same from Ralph Lauren Wallcoverings – they have handprinted ones. I have something similar to the 2nd photo (gold print) called Marlowe Floral from Ralph Lauren. Happy decorating!

  12. I went the Griffin and Wong route for a project . Monochromatic Blue on Yellow and it turned out great.

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